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Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to the zoo

Robyn and Dennis are members of the Brookfield Zoo.  That means that up to four adults and four children can visit the zoo for free all year with them on their pass.  The grandgirls are of an age to enjoy this outing, and with the pass it doesn’t have to be an all day affair that wears on everyone’s nerves.  So, it was off to the zoo again today.  Avery loves animals, so she gets to pick what to see first.


She wanted to see lions and tigers, so that’s where we headed.


Just like many house cats, these big cats sleep about 20 hours/day.  We were lucky that this king of the jungle was somewhat awake.


Not so for the tiger. 


An added bonus for today was that Dennis was able to come along as well.  It never hurts to have your Daddy pick you up to get a better view.  There are also several venues geared to the very young.  I posted about those the last time we visited.  Suffice it to say that the girls had their faces painted for the last half of our visit. 


We had packed some sandwiches, so we enjoyed those on one of the numerous benches throughout the zoo.


The park is loaded with these ground squirrels that aren’t in cages, and by the looks of this fellow, do very well keeping the place tidy.

_MG_3163  _MG_3165

Then it was on to the giraffes.  They didn’t exactly want to pose for pictures today.  Did you know that those horn like things on top of their heads are hair covered as well?  I never knew that.  I had thought this would be the first place we would stop, since the giraffe seems to be Avery’s favorite animal right now. 

After about three hours, we headed for the car.  Three hours of walking is about enough for me these days.  Smile  That also gets the girls home for their afternoon naps before they start getting cranky.  Oddly, neither of them are prone to sleeping in the car.  All of my kids readily slept in the car.

It was 3:00 before I finally got back to the rig, and Emma was an enthusiastic welcoming committee.  I began to feel a bit under the weather as we drove home, so I’m glad I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow.  I sure don’t want to get sick again.


                                                                         THE END!!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. That picture of the "Lion King" was fabulous...magnificent beasts...Oh, Judy, do NOT get sick again...Get lots of rest, chicken soup and ....maybe an Apple Fritter..Hey, an apple a day keeps the Dr. away...Stay away, trust me. As usual, your blog was A+...

  2. Love the header picture and you have a great looking family.

  3. I love grands and zoos! Perfect combo!

  4. Fun photos at the Zoo! Love the giraffes. Take it easy tomorrow and stay healthy. :)

  5. Great picture of the of the king of beasts:)

  6. Wish we had a zoo closer...have to go over 100 miles to Portland to visit one. So nice that you got to spend another day there with the girls.

    LOVE the lion photo.

    Don't get sick - vitamin C, echinachea, CHOCOLATE! ☺

  7. I love your header of the King of the beasts!

    What a wonderful looking family you have too!

    And we will not hear of you getting sick again, so you must be taking great good care of yourself this evening!!!


  8. love the new header shot!..very kingly!!!

  9. I have always loved giraffes! Of all the animals I do, I like my giraffe the best. I redesigned it a few years ago and am proud of it.

  10. Always fun to take kids to the zoo. Great shot of the Lion.

  11. Nothing beats seeing animals in the wild, but I'm a firm believer that well-designed zoos serve a useful purpose in teaching youngsters about wildlife while at the same time offering a fun outing.

  12. Cats sleep about 20 hours a day? I should have been a cat!

  13. Now that I'm retired, I'm going to try that 20 hour sleep pattern...

    Love your lion picture, it's amazing!

  14. I love the tiger picture. He is just beautiful. But the giraffe is still my favorite. Ground squirrels are definitely NOT going hungry.