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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hodge-podge Tuesday

I’ve had the last two days off, and have been taking care of mundane chores so tonight’s post will be a Hodge-podge of thoughts with a few bird pics thrown in for good measure.  :)  Also, I need some help with an insect identification.

_MG_8077                                                       NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD

After my last post, several readers asked where I’m headed next.  Well, my destination will be Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge in (surprise) Mississippi.  I’ll be volunteering there for three months.  It’s located just north of I-10 near Biloxi.  I’ve never been to Mississippi before in my life, so figured it was about time.  So I won’t really be leaving the Gulf Coast behind, just moving east a few hundred miles.  I’d like to be leaving the mosquitoes behind, but I’m guessing not.  :(

_MG_8085                                                              EASTERN PHEOBE 

I’ll have two weeks to get there, so I’ve scheduled a stop in Louisiana to have some recalls taken care of and some other work on the rig.  I don’t know how long that will take.  After Boise, last fall, you can guess how excited I am to be camped out in a repair facility!  :)  Oh well, maybe I’ll get a chance to try a shrimp Po-boy while I’m in the area.

_MG_8092 _MG_8093

                                 JUVENILLE WHITE IBIS (click to see the blue eyes)

If the work gets done in a timely manner, I’ll be meeting fellow blogger and solo fulltimer LOREE in New Orleans for a few days of shared sightseeing.  Neither of us have been to New Orleans, and it’s always nice to have a companion to enjoy the experience with.  :)  If you have suggestions for things to see and do, let me know.

_MG_8113 _MG_8114

I’m still trying to get an excellent picture of a white-tailed kite, and here are my latest attempts.

_MG_8121 _MG_8126

I’m not there yet, but I’ll keep trying…

mail[2]Jack, a  friend of mine, sent me this pic of a pair of insects doing their mating thing.  Does anyone know what they are?

IMG_7950The results are in!  The above photo (#3) of the periwinkle snail was your most popular choice.   I took the top four picks that you all made into Stephanie this morning, and she liked photo #3 the best as well.  The runners up were #s 5, 8, and 9.  Thanks for your input!

_MG_8103As the sun began to set yesterday afternoon, this great blue heron and great egret began to settle in for the night.  I guess that means it is time to pack it in for today.  (Can you believe that those buildings at the top of the photo are miles and miles away across Galveston Bay on the Bolivar peninsula ?  It must be the reflection/mirage from the bay!)

_MG_8097                                                           THAT’S ALL FOLKS! 

Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. great shots once again!..your posts are never a disappointment.

  2. Oh rats! I was hoping you would be coming back to Balcones!

  3. Sandhill Crane refuge!? I am jealous!!!

  4. Just for the record..I LOVE Mississippi....Soo much history...Dennis was stationed at Biloxi in the Air Force, 1960....There is some big Casinos there now....have fun!

  5. I have a bird I don't recognize that's been coming to feed in my back yard lately. I keep trying to get a picture to post so that you can, hopefully, tell me what is, but it keeps turning its back on me. I'll keep trying and give you a holler if I'm successful.

  6. We have never been to either Louisiana or Mississippi so will belooking forward to your future posts. I like the photo of the white kite in flight If you get a better one it will be a great one.

  7. love the kite pictures...in the summertime, we have mississippi kites that sit atop the hubster old c.b. radio tower which is the highest spot in the surrounding area. unfortunately, while they sit there, they poop on our roof and it takes a pretty good Kansas rain storm to get rid of that!!! we even had a nest one year in one of our maple trees ~ glad it was only the one year because they like to dive bomb innocent passersby! =/

  8. Sure wished we had some of those neat-o birds over here in Elfrida.

  9. Can't imagine how you can get a better picture of the kite. Those are beautiful. Fingers crossed for your repairs to be short and sweet.

  10. You'll like Mississippi, My Niece Tammy lives in Saucier just north of Gulport,We plan on spending some time the first winter we are fulltiming down there with her. It's in the 60's and 70's most days down her way.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  11. I like the ibis photos. They hang out in flocks of about 10 in my yard, eating the bugs in the grass and making sounds at each other. They have such soft, sweet little voices. :)

    Enjoy your time volunteering at the Sandhill Crane NWF!

  12. It's always nice to visit a new state so enjoy your time in Mississippi.

  13. You can send a picture to What's that Bug and they'll identify your bug,if possible.

    I love the Ibis pictues (well, all your pictures, really!)

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  14. Safe Travels Judy enjoy Louisiana and Mississippi. As usual I enjoyed all of your photos

    Brenda Brown

  15. We spent Halloween in New Orleans several years ago. It sure was a crazy place that time of year.

    We took a trolley tour which gave us a nice overall feel for the city, walked through the Garden District (beautiful old homes) and checked out Bourbon Street for the nightlife.

    Wild and crazy to say the least, but we enjoyed seeing it all.

    Enjoy your adventures. We also spent time in Biloxi on the same trip. The beaches were beautiful.

  16. If you are in Louisiana, check out the National Wildlife Refuge just off HWY 190 in Lacombe,LA. It's just east of Mandeville and west of Slidell, where we live.
    I love your bird photographs. Great job.

  17. When we were in Slidell, LA. last spring, we found the places to eat, all of them, were very good and very reasonable. Slidell is not far from NO, kind of a burb. Much safer to stay in than NO. Have fun, but be sure to visit the cemeteries.

  18. So far there are NO mosquitoes here at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR and they promised that there are very few if any :) only friendly volunteers

  19. Taking the paddle wheeler through the bayous is one of my favorite things to do in N.O. Also getting coffee au lait and beignots in the French quarter at Cafe Du Monde, taking the St. Charles Ave Streetcar, and eating. Be sure to check out one or more of the really famous resturants. But even litttle hole-in-the-wall places have good food.