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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Got seafood?

The other day, after going through contortions to get the Periwinkle snail pictures, I took a drive down the refuge road that leads to Frozen Point.  Local fisherman make this same journey on just about everyday on the refuge.  Often, they stop along the ditches and bayous to catch their bait fish.

_MG_7983 _MG_7984 _MG_7985

As I arrived at a popular area to get bait fish, I asked this gentleman if I could take his picture as he went about casting his net for bait.  He said “ I can see you work for the refuge (I was driving a refuge vehicle with the emblems on the sides), so get your camera ready.”  There’s a real art to throwing that net.

_MG_7986 _MG_7988

As he pulled the net in, the first thing I noticed was the crab that he caught.  He told me that he has been fishing here at Anahuac for thirty years, and he always puts the crabs back.  That’s not what he’s looking for.

_MG_7991This is what he wanted.  He also told me that the best time to fish Galveston Bay was when the tide was coming in.  “A big tide brings the big fish!”  I thanked him and wished him well as he headed down to Frozen Point.  You learn something every day if you’re lucky!  :)

_MG_8000Here he is on the bay monitoring his three fishing poles from the bank.  He had a beautiful morning and a rising tide for his endeavor.

_MG_7997 _MG_7998

High tide doesn’t only bring human fisherman, but avian ones as well.  :)

_MG_7994 _MG_7995

This brown pelican was working the bay, as well.  Search, dive, surface, and enjoy your catch!

_MG_7996Then, head off to search again…  I’m thinking this pelican was a little better at fishing than the human, but then his life depends on it.  :)


While listening to the news tonight I found out that some people believe that wearing yellow underwear on New Years will bring you wealth.  Dang!  I just checked, and mine are lavender today so I guess I’ll have to be shopping for yellow undies this year.  I sure could use some wealth, how about you?  :)


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I'll try to remember about wearing the yellow, but it's a long time until 1/1/12, so I may forget. In the meantime, it's boring white for me!

  2. pink for me!..lol...great shots today, Judy..love the shot of the fisherman..so peaceful and quiet..not knowing his photo was being taken!

  3. I could always use some money! I can't remember ever seeing yellow underwear though - unless maybe it's in the little girls' department.

  4. It's nice to hear the fisherman's story as well as seeing your great photos too! The Pelican diving into the water was a great one!

  5. I loved watching the pelicans dive while we were in Mexico, they dive like ospreys do, stright down and no messing around, always a spectacular sight!

  6. Yellow knickers, whatever next! I'll stick to my whites which can be bleached, as I don't hold with superstitions.

    Reading your blog every day, I think you have plenty of wealth, even if it is not the financial kind. Many would like to change places with you. Money does not bring happiness.
    Health is more important to me.

    Great pictures, as always, thanks.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  7. I've never heard of the yellow underwear, but I'm willing to try next year! I've heard carrying the number 8 in your wallet brings wealth, and since I've been doing it, I'm not rich, but am better off. Try that anytime, and see what happens.
    Happy New Year!

  8. I grew up singing it the same way! Must be an Illinois thing...I was west of Chicago in DeKalb!

  9. I carried a nutmeg in my purse for years. I got it at a Voodoo shop in New Orleans. I've never lacked fro grocery money!

  10. Darn ... a day too late on the yellow undies thing ... maybe next year :-)))

  11. I liked your encounter with the fisherman. One of the things in life that is enjoyable for me is meeting people who have something to offer. This man apparently took pride in his net casting ability and he shared it with you.


  12. I had a pair of yellow socks once but I guess it's not quite the same thing as yellow underware. Sprayed some black stripes on my socks & it looked like I had Bumble Bees on my feet. By the way, great header picture of the young Hawk.

  13. Oh, no, I had black ones, will try to remember the yellow underwear thing but no promises! Did eat my black eyed peas and cabbage though.

  14. Oh my! Never heard of that, and while we "don't hold with superstitions" either, it's fun to play with them once in a while, such as not stepping on a crack or throwing spilled salt over your shoulder. The main thing is to not ridicule others' beliefs. You don't have to accept them, but don't turn people off. Actually, a lot of "old wives' tales" are true, or at least are based on a kernal of truth. Not sure if that's the same with yellow underwear.

  15. I grew up with a Daddy that seined minnows in the local creeks with a net such as that. They were for his fishing adventures on his lone getaway weekends to fish on the rivers east of where we lived. Nice memory...

    My Mom always had black-eyed-peas on New Years Day. She introduced the custom to my inlaws one year. While the promise of fortune never worked out for my Mom, the year she introduced them to my inlaws, they were blessed with their first oil well on their farm! My mother-in-law enjoyed telling that story until she passed away at age 95!!!

  16. Great header picture. The pictures of the man throwing the net are priceless. I love Brown Pelicans, and seeing one in person, up close, is on my personal Bucket List. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures.

  17. Great pictures. Your fisherman story reminded me of why I get my fish at a market. That is a lot of work and I do not have the grace or skill of a brown pelican while fishing.

  18. Another day of great pictures Judy, you do have the knack. I've never heard about the yellow underware either will have to try and remember that for 2012.

  19. Checked the hamper... mine were purple on New Years. Dang.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard