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Monday, January 10, 2011

Are my bird counts way off??

I began to wonder about that when I received an email from my friend, Susan, in Minnesota the other day.  I include it here for your enjoyment:

For some reason, this story popped into my head this morning.  I've been
meaning to tell you this since October!  My neighbor asked if I had a
hummingbird feeder.  I told him yes, I put up two every year around May 1st
and take them down on Oct 1st.  Why then?  Well, I don't want the
hummingbirds hanging around too long and it could get too cold on their
migration to S. Am.  He looked at me like I was speaking Russian for a
moment and asked "What migration?"  I said, you know, when they fly to S.
America for the winter.  He said, "You don't think they fly all that way, do
you?"  Well, yes I do.  "Well, everybody knows they ride on the backs of
geese and they only fly at night."

I had nothing else to say which does not happen often....
Other questions came into my mind but I knew they would seem pointless to
him; like, is there only one hummingbird per goose or do they line up like
little Woodstocks on Snoopy's roof?  How do they meet up with the geese?  Do
the hummingbirds listen and wait and then hop on, or do they look for a
place where geese are feeding perhaps and then hop on like ticks?  What if
the geese do not migrate like the ones here in Rochester?  Do they hang on
all winter anyway?

Now you know the truth about hummingbirds and geese.  Please check your
geese when you do your counting as there may be hummingbirds attached to

IMG_7694Guess I’d better get a real powerful scope out each count day to check the backs of those geese!  :)  Let’s see, 50,000 snow geese could mean at least 50,000 hummers… 

Well, all those high winds yesterday have brought plummeting temperatures to my neck of the woods (or marsh, as the case may be).  Seems like the next three nights I’ll be leaving my faucets drip all night so things don’t freeze up.  As I think I’ve said before, I don’t want to put the stinky water here into my fresh water tank.

Do any of you have trouble figuring out who your new followers are?  I’ve had a couple the last week or so that I can’t seem to find.  Maybe they are folks that don’t have a picture?  I like to send a personal email to new followers, but can’t if I don’t know who they are.  So, if you haven’t received a welcome email from me, please leave a comment so I’ll know.  :)

The other day fellow blogger, MERIKAY, posted a recipe for pulled pork using root beer and BBQ sauce in a crock pot.  That reminded me that I had a small pork roast in the freezer, so today I cooked it up for pulled pork my way.  I don’t care for BBQ sauce, so instead I used chicken broth, lots of garlic, and some dark honey that I got while in La Palma, Canary Islands.  It was delicious!  :)  Thanks for the reminder, Merikay.

Did you know that the pot holes in Chicago don’t seem to be as numerous this year as last?  I’m just happy I’m located in an area where I don’t need to worry about those nasty things any more.  :)

Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. What a hysterical email from your friend! Thanks for posting that - I got a good laugh out of it!

  2. Those hummingbirds are smart little buggers! I enjoyed reading this post!

  3. I thought my hummers would be gone by now, but there are still a couple hanging around and making me refill the feeder often.

  4. Now I know how they get to South America thanks.

  5. Your welcome Judy! I intend to try making some with chicken broth and lots of garlic one of these days! Sounds really good!

    I love anything with lots of garlic. In the slow cooker cookbook that cam with the slow cooker there is a recipe for chicken thighs with 40 cloves of garlic. On my list for next week!

  6. I needed a good laugh and that did the trick! hehehe thanks!! ;-)

  7. Reminds me of the GPS when it says, "Recalculating."
    Pulled pork sounds yumalicious!

  8. time for a recount!..thanks for the smile!

  9. In Canada where Canada Geese are actually made it is common practive to attach a Hummingbird to the back of each Goose. The Hummingbirds are taught to hum Canada's National Anthem in the Gooses ear instilling the Goose with much Patriotism & incentive to carry the little Hummers all the way to South America:))

  10. How funny!!! Loved it. I know what you mean about the followers. I have no idea who some of them are and I certainly can't find e-mail addresses for a lot of them.

    Speaking of e-mail - did you get my response today about no solar?

  11. Hi Judy, I have been following your blog for quite some time and have enjoyed every posting so much. You are such a talented, entertaining writer, and a wonderful photographer. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. I am not a RVer, just a retired oil company manager from Houston who is now planted firmly in beautiful NW Arkansas (Fayetteville). I don't have a blog either just an email address: karen hardamon@yahoo.com

  12. Great story! Still lovin' those pictures.

  13. Hi, I'm a new follower - no picture yet. Just started using blogger and can't find a pic of myself to post. I'm hoping to start traveling in an RV later this year, and like the idea of working in the Wildlife Areas.

  14. Ok, so now I'm confused when I click on the follow link, my picture does not show up, but here it is on my comment. Like I said I've only been using google blogger for a few days, so need to learn how all of this stuff works.

  15. I'll have a glass of what your friend is currently drinking, but it does make for a great story, personally if I was a hummer I would just take the train and save wear and tear on my wings, but then again I like trains. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  16. Sure, why not hitch a ride ... it beats flying! :-)))

  17. Tooo funny! Winged Migration being one of my favorite movies, I am wondering if I missed the hummingbird part. Oh, probably just those Canadian Hummers...hooked up to...is there a fiver called the Goose?

  18. For followers, every once in a while I'll go back and click on their picture and try and follow them back to a their blog if they have one - a lot don't seem to have one though.

  19. JB--remember? They only fly at night! That is why you have never seen them?

  20. I heard them border guards are really tough on those geese and cracking down on the extra hummer stowaways. They are charging an extra $50 per bird for excess baggage too. And did you know those hummers are having subject themselves to full body scans? A bird without feathers is NOT a pretty sight!

    (kinda like a chicken in the meat dept. case at the store)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  21. We have the Hummers here all summer. About Oct 1st, I see them packing up their little bags, mini limos pulling up ....and I peeked at their tickets. They are taking Southwest Airlines out of Midway to Houston, ordering little nectar drinks, tipping their seats back to annoy other passengers and partying all the way.Wish I could fit into their limos....

  22. I loved the email from your friend...I laughed myself silly. Our hummers are here year round so when you're doing your count, make sure the Washington geese only count as 1.

  23. Pulled pork is one of our favorite meals, will have to try it with your instructions. Those little hummers are tricky little guys.