Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and I started out the day leading a guided bird tour with the van full of customers. We were confined to driving the regular auto tour route because of all of the recent rain, but we had a good four hour tour. Geri, the volunteer who normally does the refuge tram tour, was my driver and was able to enhance the tour with much of the information she provides on the tram tour. The weather was very nice and we wore shorts and tee shirts all day. For some reason, even the mosquitoes were absent for a change. That was an excellent start to the day, and it only got better.

As you know, I have been debating about replacing my big, heavy analog tv with a new digital flat screen. Several of the guys around here inspected my present setup and had various ideas of how the transition could be accomplished. Jay and Andy persuaded me that it could be done without too much trouble, so we and their wives headed off to Wal-Mart this afternoon to purchase a 26" Vizio HD flat screen. Of course, when we got there, there were none left to purchase. Jay found an "associate" and asked if there were any more "in the back." I was not too hopeful, but was shocked when he came back wheeling one in for me.

When we got back, Andy and Jay proceeded to get the old tv out and were able to use the same brace for the old tv on the new tv to secure it in the cabinet above the front window. We attached all of the many wires for the DISH satellite DVR and my DVD/video tape machine; turned everything on and it all worked! Yes, Emma, there really is a Santa (in this case, two).

Thanks for stopping by.........talk to you later, Judy

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