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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Minor Defugalty & a Thrill

While I was driving the horrible road out of the refuge about two weeks ago, an oncoming car kicked up a rock that hit my rear window behind the driver's seat and shattered it. I was able to get an auto window company to come out to the refuge last week and replace it for much less than the insurance company quoted me. I felt pretty good about that until today when I got into the car to go to the grocery store twenty miles away. As I turned the engine on, I reached back to put on my seat belt and it wouldn't budge. I yanked on that belt for about ten minutes to no avail. Now what? I asked Jay, the volunteer next door, if he could help me out. After a while he was able to get it loose. Apparantly some of the glass had fallen down through the belt holder and wedged it tight. I guess I should have had some Wheaties for breakfast today. ;)

I had been trying to do my laundry as I usually do on Sunday mornings, but was unable to get to the washer and dryer. Another volunteer couple had the same idea and monopolized the laundry room for over six hours. I can't imagine that they have anything left in their motorhome that hasn't been washed today!

Oh well, so I pressed on to Port Isabel for groceries and stopped at the video store and rented "Bucket List" to watch tonight. I hope it's good. It has been a long time since I rented a movie.

After I returned, I decided to take a ride around the wildlife car route. I had Emma jump in the back and off we went in the late afternoon. I had my camera with my new lens along and hoped to get some nice wildlife shots. I was not disappointed....

I was thrilled to get this picture of a bobcat! There are two different cats on the refuge. One is the endangered ocelot and the other is the bobcat. It is next to impossible to see an ocelot. Seeing and getting a picture of a bobcat made my day. What a hoot!

Of course, I saw plenty of waterfowl and will end this entry with a parting shot...

Bottoms Up!!

Thanks for stopping by.....talk to you later, Judy

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