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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is known for many things, but I only had time for two of them today. 



The Mayo Clinic is probably the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. 


And, if it weren’t for their father, Dr. William W. Mayo, and


Mother M. Alfred  Moes, the Mayo Clinic would never have happened. 

62 Pioneer Campground, IN summer20117

It seems now, that the clinic and it’s associated hospitals take up half of the downtown area of Rochester.  All buildings can be accessed either by underground tunnels or over head enclosed walkways.  So, even if you visit in the middle of winter, you can see everything without ever having to battle the weather.

62 Pioneer Campground, IN summer20116

I, of course, could not show you everything about the clinic, but suffice it to say that even if you don’t have a medical appointment it is a marvelous place to visit.  Sculptures of all kinds can be found throughout the complex.


Inside, the artwork is everywhere, like an art museum.  I think the walls and floors are all highly polished marble.  Sometimes, it makes me feel like I’m visiting a state capitol building.


People come from around the world to receive treatment here.  I can only guess at how many languages are spoken by the provided interpreters.

_MG_3318There are daily concerts by musical artists in the Atrium area around noon, and  there are gardens in several areas for people to relax in while they wait for their next appointment.  I guess if you are a lady that needs to be squished, this is a fine place to get that squishing done.  On average, 200 women a day go through the mammogram offices on the second floor of the Gonda Building.  I had a technician today that wasn’t new, but as she said, “Try to keep breathing while I fix the scanner,”  my eyes were bulging out of my head.  Can’t you release this thing from me while you do your fixing?  OMG!  I must say it was one of my most memorable days at the Gonda Building!

Anyway, my exam and everything else turned out just fine.  All that’s left is to get a blood draw on Friday morning before I head back to Indiana.  And yes… I’m feeling like a freshly whipped up, if slightly wilted, bowl of MAYOnaisse.  Smile  In between appointments, I had some time to kill so I stopped in at the big Hy-Vee grocery store in town to get a quick little bite to eat.  I stopped at the store breakfast café  where many of the retirees in Rochester come for breakfast.  I haven’t worked in this town in five years, and I lived in a small town to the west, so didn’t expect to see anyone I knew.  Surprise!  I no sooner sat down than in walks a woman that I recognize immediately.  (if you know me well, you know I couldn’t remember her name)  Actually, it wasn’t a name I had wanted to remember.  When I first took the principal’s job in Rochester for the Alternative High School, I was told by the hierarchy that one of my first duties would be to fire this woman by the end of the school year.  Some of it was politics, but this woman was indeed worthy of letting go.  Since she had been in her position for 20 some years, it took some doing, but do it , I did.  She, of course, was very bitter about it.  Of all people in the world to run into!  I’m not sure she recognized me.  Neither of us acknowledged each other.  A rather awkward few bites of French toast I had there…


Oh yea, the second thing I saw today that Rochester is known for is the ear of corn water tower in town that rises above the Seneca Foods plant.  Probably not as well known as the Mayo Clinic, but I bet many, many of you have eaten canned corned and green beans processed by Seneca Foods.  Check those cans in your pantry, and I bet some of them may have been processed here.  How’s that for a bit of trivia?

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I got squished two weeks ago but everything went squishingly for me. I love the corn tower. Those kinds of things are so much fun to track down.

  2. glad your 'squisihing' went well..mine was last month..squishing went well here too!!

  3. Several years ago I was at a machine that wasn't working automatically. The technician arranged the scanner and told me to crank the squisher. Talk about adding insult to injury!

  4. Thank you for the tour of the Mayo Modern Art Museum, I mean clinic. Glad that things went well for you today.

  5. The Mayo Clinic - what a beautiful place. I love taking photos of water towers - haven't seen that one before, but I think it is now my favorite. Have safe travels.

  6. Good to hear the squishing results were good. I still have sometime before I have the pleasure!!! I've heard of the Mayo Clinic, but had no idea it was so much like a sculpture museum.

  7. Great post and very wonderful photos... I am glad everything came out good for you ~ it scares me everytime since I have had two bouts with breast cancer. Thankfuly both were found with a mamo and were so small all was good. Loved the Mayo clinic & the water tower too !
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. We gotta keep those "girls" in tip top shape..We have a 38 year old friend who has been fighting Stage 4 breast cancer for 6 years..she got it at age 32.
    Glad the only thing left is the Vampire Diaries...that oughta leave you "drained"...Be careful heading back to Indiana!

  9. Glad your all tested, o.k. and outta there - even though it looks like a very beautiful place, it's still a hospital!

  10. I just KNOW that is Chuly glass. He is from Seattle area and has a museum in Tacoma. They also have LOTS of it in the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas!!! Great stuff. Guess only a medical clinic could afford it :)

  11. First you get squished, then you run into an old "friend".

    Boy, you sure know how to have a good time!

  12. I can't believe they left you in the machine while they fixed it!!! I have the order for my squish but didn't do it the day of the order. It was 2 pm by the time I was done with my lab work and I hadn't eaten since the night before so brunch become my priority that day. I go to a wonderful place, though, where they provide cuddly tops for you to wear while waiting your turn and where the tech said sure she could do it with me sitting in a chair instead of standing. I still don't like the squish machine, though. But I will go sometime soon. Fortunately, my place takes walk-ins so I can whenever I psych myself up for it.

  13. Glad the tests went good and all is okay. I must say I thought you were in a museum instead of the Mayo Clinic.

  14. Wow, I din't know that there was so much art there. I sure know that I would be glad to get that annual test done. Safe travels home to Emma and home.

  15. Glad you survived the visit in good shape. I might have to go there just to see the corn tower:)

  16. glad to know that you have passed your test!

    the thing that came to my mind about all of that grandeour (sp?) is... couldn't the money have been more well spent doing something more medically intended... liking research or free treatments?