Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, September 5, 2011

An avian tale unfolds before my eyes


                                                 Where’s my dad?  Doesn’t he know I’m starving?


                                              There you are, dad.  Can’t you see how hungry I am?


                                       If I flap my wings and go cheep cheep, will you feed me?


                                               Pay attention to me!  I’m trying my hardest.


                                                            Maybe if I try the other side…


                                         VICTORY!!  Kids can sure be demanding some times.  Smile

Today dawned a little bit rainy and crisp.  The high for the day only reached the lower 60’s!  What a difference from just a few days ago.  It was a welcome relief for me as I went about making preparations for my four or five day trip to Minnesota, and generally getting things ready for my departure south a week from today.

The campground pretty much cleared out in the early afternoon from all the bustle of the holiday weekend, but I’m sure glad my next door neighbors and a few others lingered on into the late afternoon.  As I’ve mentioned before, I like to thoroughly vacuum and clean the rig before hitting the road, so that’s one of the things I did today.  Only problem was that I somehow hit the locking mechanism on the door with the vacuum cleaner hose.  I took the vacuum container filled with Emma’s hair and trekked in sand out to dump it in the forest.  When I tried to come back inside, the door was somehow locked.  Dang!  I was locked out of the rig.  Long story short…my neighbors came to my rescue with a ladder, and a younger, lighter lady climbed in through my one open window to unlock the door from the inside.  Thank goodness I had one window open during this cool day.  So something that could have been a really big problem turned out to be a little adventure for folks to remember.  I know I’ll be checking the locks on the door from now on after I vacuum.  You learn something new everyday. 

_MG_3258 _MG_3262

Once the drama of the goldfinches was over, a white-breasted nuthatch was able to come in to the feeder.  These are my kind of birds.  They only take one seed at a time, and then go off to find a place to crack it open.  I’ve filled both feeders to the brim since I’ll be gone for several days, but I’m sure between the birds and the squirrels they’ll both be empty by the time I return.  That’s okay since when I get back I’ll just pack up the feeders before I head on down the road.

I appreciate your putting up with my anthropomorphism (giving human characteristics to non-human animals) with the goldfinches.  Sometimes, I just can’t help myself…

Thanks for stopping by…talk to you later,  Judy


  1. So cute, I love the finch story!
    Maybe carry an extra set of keys somewhere in the wheel well of the coach? I have read of some people doing that so that if they lock themselves out and don't have a window open at least they can get back in?

    Just a thought. Cheers!

  2. You could have had a real problem with the locked door. The lady who sold me the 5th wheel locked herself out on the way home from picking up the rig, and spent a lot of money on a locksmith. Glad you were able to get in.

  3. So glad your being locked out was fixed so much faster and easier than when we got locked in. Love the bird story. So cute.

  4. When parked I keep a spare set of rig keys in the car and a spare set of just door keys hidden somewhere on the rig in a magnetized box. I got to thinking what would happen if we accidently got locked out. You were lucky you had a window open!!!!

  5. I like the finch story and the pics. glad you were able to have someone climb through the window to get yourself back in the rv. Good lesson learned without a "hitch".

  6. I have a diaper pin on my key ring and pin it to my jeans pocket - always - except while sleeping.

  7. glad you managed to 'break back in' with a neighbour's help!!..lesson learned..keep a key hidden outside!

  8. I thought I was reading a script for a Disney movie for a second or two.

    We keep a set of keys for the motorhome in the car, just in case.

  9. I had been wondering where all our front yard birds had gone and now I know....they are at your place. Been a month since I've seen any Finches and probably 2 months since seeing a Nuthatch. Always fun sitting and waiting patiently with a camera when birds are nearby.

  10. I've been thinking about that! I plan on keeping an extra key for the MH in the car and an extra key for the car somewhere not locked up around the MH. Not in the propane access compartment, I understand that is where the thieves look first! But I do like Teri's diaper pin.

    I love the way the baby finches flutter for attention. They are always bigger than Mom and Dad too!

  11. I loved the bird story...very nicely done.

    I have read of several bloggers getting locked out of their rigs. I locked myself out of the house the other day but thankfully another door was unlocked. Glad you got in without too much trouble.

  12. Judy, I enjoyed the bird story, complete with illustrations. Now that you've been locked out, you are probably safe from it happening again for a while!

  13. Thanks for the goldfinch story ... glad the second story had a good ending as well. We have spare keys in the car, but that's only good if we happen to have the car key in our pocket ... need to come up with a good solution for this dilemma as I worry about getting ourselves locked out.

  14. We locked ourselves out one time at the dump station, with the rig running-dog and cell phones inside. I managed to pull the truck up by the RV and climb in the emergency window. Now we keep extra keys in the truck.

  15. I think that many of us put human characteristics to animals. I know I do. Besides I think that Angel doesn't think that she is a dog she's people. She too bugs me to get attention and food.
    I think that I will have to figure out where to put an extra key. Do those magnetic boxes really stay put? I'm afraid that they would fall off.

  16. Great bird pics. We are loving the cooler weather, too, finally!

  17. Oh No, what a predicament!! Thank goodness the neighbors were there to help!
    Been there: our fifth wheel door was locked when we thought it unlocked! Keys were inside, naturally! Thank goodness the basement door wasn't locked and I could climb through the laundry shoot, get inside and unlocked the door! No small feat with my figure! LOL
    I loved your bird photos, aren't baby birds demanding?!
    I keep keys on a carabiner (small one like for rock climbing) I got at the drug store, it attaches through my pants belt loop and can't open on it's own!

  18. GREAT photos and story of the little birdies today. Judy if Emma is going to lock you out the least she can do is open it back up for you...LOL
    Have fun

  19. We have a key safe in the opening for the rear of the refrigerator. Takes a combination to open it. When we got locked out, we learned that, although we had installed a new lock on the door, we hadn't installed a new key in the key safe! A skinny neighbor climbed through the window for us and let us in. And we STILL haven't replaced the key in the key safe! Experience is the best teacher, if you learn from it. Guess we're slow learners!

  20. Loved the avian tale! Happy travels. How nice that it's cooled off a bit for you.

  21. Ya gotta love a Dad who makes sure his kids are fed..You have safe travels...and don't get locked out again on the road....

  22. I always slip my keys into my pocket whenever I leave the rig - no exceptions. Extra keys also in my purse, although my purse may, or may not, be with me at the time.

    Also useful to keep a key to the rig in your toad or towing vehicle, and a key to the toad in the rig - in addition to the pocket keys. A key to the toad in an accessible place would get you back into the rig using the key stowed in the towed!

    A key to the toad, hidden outside the rig, would not make the rig as vulnerable if it were "found accidentally", since it would not fit the rig, only the toad.

    Virtual hugs,


  23. I've never done it, but I always worry about locking myself out when I go out to the backyard. So I always unlock the door. I noticed this morning that I forgot to lock it last night...that was a first.

  24. poor little birdies... their mother bird will be leaving them to fend for themselves and then what will become of them...

    did I make you feel guilty enough to stay? lol

  25. We keep RV keys and truck keys in our pockets when traveling, just to be on the safe side. At night, they're on the nightstand...easy to grab if we have to leave in a hurry.