Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Three days in the VC :P

Before I tell you about my day today, I have to publically thank lots of people.  First of all, there’s Rick who got my computer up and running again.  What would we do without him?  This isn’t the first time he’s helped me out, and I find it rather amazing how willing he is to come to just about any blogger’s aid when they’re struggling with computer issues. 

Then there’s all of you who gave me very detailed information about kayaks.  So many suggestions and personal experiences.  There’s all that knowledge ‘floating’ around out there, and I’m so very happy to be a recipient of your know-how.

IMG_8925This morning I led my first bird tour on the refuge.  Only had two takers, and they were fellow volunteers Norma and Doug.  No advertising of the tour has been done yet, and historically the VC doesn’t open for the season until Nov. 15.  What a good time we had!  Before we even got to the pond areas, Doug spotted a bobcat for us to admire.  That cat was atop a large downed log sharpening its front claws.  Very cool sighting.  Norma and Doug aren’t died in the wool birders, but today’s outing certainly piqued their interest.  I see some converts in the future.  Winking smile


After the tour, I had to work the rest of the day in the VC.  It wasn’t very busy at all… only 9 visitors all day.  Two people are assigned to work there each day, and today it was me and Gail.  She was here last year, so I was able to sneak out in the afternoon to drive to the one overlook I hadn’t been to yet.


Smoke Tree Point is the best overlook for views of the Colorado River winding its way through the refuge.

79 Imperial NWR 2014-151

Being a weekend with temps nearing 90*, the river was popular with boaters.  There was even a bikini clad fisherwoman doing her thing.


The road to the five overlooks could be described as rustic.  I was happy to have a refuge vehicle today rather than my little Focus on these steep lumpy roads.  A Jeep would do just fine, but the Focus surely isn’t a Jeep.  The trip back to the VC also gives different views from the trip in.


You might think this is a hiking trail leading to the lighter colored hills, but you’d be incorrect.  These paths are created by the wild burros left over from former mining times.  They crisscross the desert on the refuge.  This is quite possibly their path (in reverse) down to the river for water at sunrise and sunset.


                      I haven’t seen any of those burros yet, but it’s sure evident that they’re around.

When I got back to the VC, I spent some time twiddling my thumbs since only one person came in during the afternoon.  Ho Hum!  Not sure how excited I am about spending the next two days working in there.


By the time I got back to the rig, Emma and I only had a little over an hour to sit outside before sunset.  The Anna’s hummingbirds were all battling over all the feeders the volunteers have put up.  It was too late in the day for their beautiful colors to show.  I do love watching them though…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


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  2. When I think of refuge, I didn't have this one in mind. It is very different than any we have been in. The setting is beautiful though. Hopefully soon you will see those burros.

    Glad you computer is in good working order again.

  3. I remember trying to spot the elusive burros in Hickiwan..and finally found where they hung out during the day...But spotting a Bobcat in the wild would be amazing!!

  4. The burros are out there, once you spot one, you'll find a lot of them.

  5. I agree - Rick has come to my rescue more than once and I really appreciate it! Glad that got fixed for you. And I think you have a magnificent photo of that hummingbird!

  6. It sure seems like you've found a great refuge for the winter. I really liked the tour photos today and it's always nice to have a river flowing by - especially the Colorado!

  7. I would love to see a bobcat sharpening its claws! Were any of you able to get a photo?

  8. I sure hope the bobcat hangs around till February! Cant wait for my Sunday morning tour!

  9. Hey, you always put up great bird pictures, where's the one of the bird in the bikini? :cP

    Don't wear out your thumbs twiddling them. They're too handy to do without!

  10. 90 degrees is still pretty danged warm in my book! Cool beans on seeing a bobcat. Wish I could see one.
    (I had to put "comment moderation" in to keep the spammers out!)

  11. the hummingbird is still beautiful even without seeing the colors. . .great pic!

    BTW. . .got my Oriole Feeder. . .I think it's gonna work out great as a HBF. . .thanks for the tip. . .

  12. You're so lucky to see an Anna's up close!
    I hope you get pictures of the little burros.

  13. I've seen wild burros in Custer S.P. in the Black Hills but a bobcat would definitely be a "lifer" for me...:)

  14. I have very little luck sighting wildlife. I love to watch birds, and going with a professional such as yourself would be a dream come true. That means that if I do get back on the road, my luck will change if I meet you and you would take me along on one of your adventures. :) I'm always amazed by your wonderful pictures. They are National Geographic worthy.

  15. Nice Post.Thanks for Sharing this in your Blog