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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Escatawpa Trail

After doing the time consuming chore of a week’s laundry in the Splendide this morning, I had to get out of the rig.  You see, I had decided to fix a pot roast for the first time in over six years, and the scents from the crockpot were more than I could stand.


So, Emma and I hopped in the car and drove about 15 miles down I-10 to the eastern Mississippi Welcome Center.  I was able to get a booklet with coupons for businesses along the coast last year, but they didn’t have any this year.  Sad smile  Shucks! 


Emma, of course, couldn’t go inside the Welcome Center with me, but I knew that at the far end of the center’s rest area was the Grand Bay NWR’s Escatawpa Trail.  That’s why I brought her along on this journey.

For a couple of reasons, this trail is my least favorite of the four established trails in the two different refuges.  I chose to combine all three spurs of the trail today for a nice little walk.  The total distance is only a little over a mile, but for me it always seems that this trail goes on and on for at least five miles.  I’m always relieved when I finish it.

IMG_5837 IMG_5830

A little over half way along, is an overlook for viewing the Escatawpa River.  It’s a nice view, but the fog from the nearby Pascagoula River area made things feel dull and not so gorgeous. 


Even Emma was pretty bored with today’s hike and just whined as we tried to enjoy the overlook.  As I trudged down the second half of the trail, I got to thinking about what it was that didn’t inspire me about this trail.


Could it be that the interpretive signs along the way are repeated several times?  That’s part of it.  I enjoy interpretive signs, but I don’t need to keep reading the same thing about snakes, pine trees, woodpeckers, and prescribed burns.  I don’t know who thought up that idea, but it stinks in my opinion.  The other thing that bothers me about this trail is that you can never escape the deafeningly loud sound of all those eighteen wheelers grinding down I-10.  It’s part of my duties to check on these trails, but I can tell you I won’t be back to this one for at least a month.

After we got back to the rig, I plated up my dinner of pot roast, carrots, and mashed potatoes.  I have to admit that it was rather a disappointment to me.  It just didn’t taste like I remembered.  So now what do I do with all the left overs?  Did you ever try to buy a pot roast for one?  I don’t think it exists.  I’m hoping I can transform it into Italian Beef sandwiches in the next few days.  We’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. A pot roast after six years? You're daring!

  2. Italian beef sand sounds interesting -- something we've never had. You'll have to tell us how. I've made BBQ sands from leftover roast beef.

  3. How about a beef pot pie? or B'b que? I have found that I am not as fond of meat as I used to be....just give me the salad and veggies.....

  4. You are one brave lady, if I saw any warning about snakes, I'd be running back to the car!!

  5. I doubt if I have cooked a pot roast for 15 years!

  6. how about burrito's. bbq is always good. soup?

  7. So I am wondering did the smells that drove you out of the coach-were they good or bad smells:)

  8. You almost got me with the heron atop the tree :-))) I was thinking it looked like a carving; had to click to see that I was right :-)))

  9. Pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy & creamed corn...one of my all time favs. Just mail me your left overs will ya......

  10. Pot roast is a fav for sure. Suzy makes a good one every five years or so. She may never do one again after her surgery Tuesday, as she will not be able to get a big enuf serving to satisfy! I wonder if Emma was "down" for your little hike because she sensed you being "down" as was sympathizing!?

  11. We do pot roast in crock pot often. Just add a package of dried onion soup mix and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Cook all night and day. Yummy.

    Leonard lived in Escatawpa about 40 years ago. Don't think he did a lot of hiking back then though. Too busy working at the shipyard and raising his two youngest kids.

    Did not notice the elephants in the Roadkill Cafe window. What are they about?

  12. sounds like you forgot the onion in your pot roast Judy. It might taste better as leftovers. Some things just do.

    Take Care

  13. My Mom used to use any left over meat to make "Gloup"..This happened because we were broke and it re-cycled stuff. It consisted of the cut up meat, some potatoes, any left over veggies but ALWAYS some canned corn..Mixed it in a big skillet, seasoned it up, and we at the Heck out of it..I think it was the corn..comfort food.
    I hate it when you are in a so called pristeen area and can still hear the road traffic loud and clear..grrrr.

  14. You've gotten lots of good ideas for the leftovers. Leftover beef never goes to waste here, and Italian beef sandwiches sound great to me. :)

  15. Fabulous picture to start a blog about a place you HAVE to visit but would rather not.
    A hike with the sound of 18 wheelers would be one I wouldn't want to do either.
    Emma probably picked up on your opinion and decided to share it. so that's 3 of us at least.

    I think you've gotten all the left overs advice you need so I'll keep my nose out of it. :-)


  16. I haven't done a pot roast in years, either. I'm thinking, with my small slow cooker, I could put in a medium sized filet mignon, and slow cook it. That would be very tender, tasty, and not too large, and still I'd get some good gravy makings. Mashed potatoes and veggies, and it would be a great dinner or two. Thanks for the great idea, I haven't used my slow cooker yet, but will when I move to Santee Lakes. :)

  17. If you like the taste, try jazzing it up with some horseradish. I no longer eat animal products, but it hasn't been that long and I remember the oomph that horseradish lends to beef.

    I understand what you mean about boring trails. At least the snakes were identified as "venomous" and not poisonous.

  18. mmmm yum. guess I need to get a pot roast tomorrow, I was distracted trying to read about the trail thinking about cooking a pot roast!