Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy day questions.

Just as a precaution last night, I pulled in the slide-outs since there was a tornado watch that was to last until 5:00 in the morning.  Thankfully, the tornadoes did not materialize, but it was a pretty rainy day today.  I spent most of the day indoors doing chores, so it wasn’t exactly an exciting day.


Lila left a comment on last night’s post that posed four questions.  They are really some universal questions for RVers, so I thought I’d give my response to them tonight.  I’d be interested to hear what the rest of you think; especially about the first three questions.  (The few pictures I’ll post were taken over the past week or so.)


1.  DO YOU GET LONESOME?  I really can’t say that I do.  With all the technology available to us today, it is not difficult to stay in touch with family and friends.  That being said, there are times for me when communicating with Emma just doesn’t seem fulfilling enough.  Smile  If I’m volunteering, I go strike up a conversation with fellow volunteers.  I usually also spend some time working the visitor’s center, so have plenty of contact with other folks.  I guess I’m just a person that has been comfortable with alone time.  I’m happy in my own skin, and don’t need the constant interaction with other people.  That’s not to say that I don’t miss sharing some of my experiences with another special person.  I think that’s the biggest downer of traveling alone.  But, I’d rather have the experience alone than not have it at all!


(The non-mated “teenage” cranes find each other and hang out together during mating season.)

2.  DO YOU GET SCARED?  I must admit that I have been scared 3 times in the last five years.  The first time was in 2008 when the rig literally got blown off of the road with a huge wind gust in Arizona.  How I didn’t crap my pants, I’ll never know! Smile with tongue out  I did get off of the road as soon as possible, and checked into the ROOT 66 RV park before 11:00 a.m.  What a joint that was! 


The second time was last May when road debris caused a blowout on the toad in the middle of a bad section of Kansas City.  Thanks goodness for a good Samaritan that came to my rescue.  And the third time was last October when the alarms starting going off in the middle of nowhere of Eastern Oregon indicating my engine was in dire overheating straights.  I ended up spending my first night ever in a truck stop, and was towed the next morning 100 miles to Boise, Idaho.  All my scary situations had to do with driving the rig.  Normal day to day life and traveling has not been scary for me.  I don’t have a pair of men’s boots that I place outside the rig; Emma doesn’t intimidate anyone; and I know enough to head out of a place I’m not comfortable with.  I do not carry a gun.  I don’t think it’s necessary.  I’m careful, but do not live in fear.


(Eight youngsters are presently traveling together, and can be seen next to I-10!)


3.  DO THE HIGH GAS PRICES EFFECT YOUR TRAVEL?  So far, not really.  I don’t constantly travel, but rather spend about three months at a refuge before I move on.  I usually take about a month to get to another assignment.  My travel months are more expensive than my volunteer months, but it’s a schedule that’s good for me.  I enjoy visiting an area in depth, and you need time to do that.  My entertainment needs are geared more toward enjoying wildlife which is less expensive than other pursuits.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!  I couldn’t afford that hobby before digital.


4.  HOW DO YOU GET TO VOLUNTEER, AND DO YOU GET TO STAY FOR FREE?  I apply for volunteers jobs just like you would a paying job.  I have used Workamper News and Volunteer.gov too, along with state park websites to find positions.  As time has gone by, I have leaned toward picking an area I would like to visit, and then contacting National Wildlife Refuges in the area to see if they have RV volunteer positions available.  Since I’ve volunteered at eight NWRs, one National Monument, one state fish hatchery, and four state parks, I have somewhat of a network to fall back upon. 


I guess you could say that I get to stay at a location for free.  However, as a solo, I generally put in about 32hrs/week volunteering, so I don’t really think of it as being free.  Smile  I think this is about the longest post I’ve ever made, so I had better end it now!


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You are an amazing lady, all that volunteering you've done plus your interesting travels.

    I guess you are really having fun! :c)

  2. Great answers. You are certainly an ispiration. I agree with you on the digital photography. Great shot of the bald eagle. Just think what it would be if we actually had to pay to have all these photos developed and printed. Goes to show, the price of everything does not always go up!!

  3. Very interesting post. Glad to hear that the tornadoes didn't materialize!

  4. I thought of you last night, when the weather channel was on, announcing tornado watches in your area. Glad everything is OK. I enjoy traveling along with you and Emma!

  5. I do get lonesome. Don't know why. Everyone seems to be paired off in all the places i have stayed, everyone was really welcoming and kind, so it is not them, it is me and something i have to work through. I DO like alone time tho also, can always be entertained by books or tv and crafts i do! And gas prices did affect me, spent way more money the last half of trip than the 1st half. Didn't travel as far in the last half in the pick-up as i did in the beginning due to the price of gas.

  6. All questions I too have wondered about. Glad you are safe!

  7. "That’s not to say that I don’t miss sharing some of my experiences with another special person." I may not a special person for you, but what you share with the blogging community and how you share it make you a special person to me!

    BTW How do you know those are teenage cranes? Do they listen to bad music and hang out at the mall?

  8. Good answers. I always said that if something happens to Jim I want to stay on the road and I hope I cope as well as you do. Thanks.

  9. The point about not being able to share your experiences with a special person hits home. I get very exasperated with my husband, and sometimes think of going solo. But I just can't imagine not being able to share the experiences with him.

  10. Thank you Judith,
    That was so interesting and I appreciate you taking the time to explain. It sure sounds exciting! Although I'm sure you have "those" days that things go haywire.
    I love your "on the go spirit"
    I was looking at used motor homes today, no kidding!! If my hubby would agree, I'd have an estate sell and get rid of EVERYTHING and hit the road!!

    I'll have to be content for the moment to follow along with you!

    God Bless and be Safe!
    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  11. I never feel lonely unless I am in a crowd of people. I am also very comfortable in my own skin & rarely feel the need to be around other people.
    Anyone thinking the 'gas problem' is not a problem, or is not going to be a problem in the future, is obviously in denial or not living in the real world.
    Being scared? We did a foolish thing a few years ago by driving across the border into Mexico & getting confronted by a guy with a gun belt saying he was a policeman. A very scary few minutes for us & we still are not sure what was really going on that morning.

  12. Good questions. Scared? Yes, of a crazy driver who almost ran us off the road in Texas. Also I get scared of driving (i.e. riding) down steep mountains. Otherwise not too scared - have gun, will travel. Lonely? I'm married, but when I drove my Class B and hubby stayed home I missed having someone to share travel experiences with. But I'm pretty comfortable with "me" time and I easily have conversations with other RVers. I didn't like hiking alone - didn't think my 5 lb. Chihuahua would serve well as a guard/attack dog. Yes, fuel prices will probably limit how many miles we drive this year - last year it was 7,500, this year will probably be 4,500.

  13. Great job, Judy. You sound so happy in your life. A lot of people can't say that...Love the pictures of the eagles and their nest.

  14. I'm so glad you took the time to answer those questions! They are certainly questions I've asked myself and came up with similar answers, so it's good to be validated.

    Is the eagle nesting/sitting on egss? do they do an egg count? Is there a live cam?

  15. Good questions and better answers.

    The 'gas problem' has been around now since the 70's yet we are all driving bigger, more powerful rigs than ever before! So, what's the problem? Doesn't seem to make much difference!!

  16. Your post was very informative. Thanks for being so honest. We always look forward to reading your blog.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  17. Why do I get the feeling that you and I could kill a bottle of wine together?? Lonesome?..no Scared? of wind..Volunteer? my hand hasn't gone up YET...but I could like it.
    I was blown away by the Eagle in the nest...Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!

  18. Great post Judy. I love the picture of the bald eagle.

  19. Hi Judy,
    I really enjoyed your post today as we are looking to start fulltime workamping in May. I have been following you for a while and also appreciate your love of nature and the beautiful pictures.
    Maureen (of Wayne and Maureen)

  20. Great answers to these questions that I think all RVers have been asked one time or another. You are an inspiration, Judy. It takes a special person to make it work as good as you do. It is nice to be able to share it though and John and I feel fortunate that we met and share the love of the lifestyle. So many couples don't see eye to eye on it. John needs to people contact; I don't and am very content with just me mostly. We try to stay in safe places so don't feel afraid but other drivers do cause us high blood pressure occasionally. All I can say is we are awfully lucky to be able to do this full time. Ann

  21. That was a good post. There are good questions and even better answers. I especially like the I would rather experience it alone than not at all.
    Take care and be safe.