Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, March 28, 2011

Be one with nature, Grasshopper.

Do you remember the TV show from the early 70’s named Kung Fu?  David Carradine starred, and in his flashbacks, his Kung Fu master would give him advice, and call him Grasshopper.  Well, today Emma and I took a hike down the Dees Nature Trail to be one with nature, and guess what we saw…


One honking big grasshopper!  This guy was about three inches long, and took flight as we approached and landed on one of the long leaf pine trees.  He really blended in quite nicely.  Maybe he’s a treehopper, not a grasshopper.  Smile


Finally, the cypress trees are coming back to life.  All of these trees looked dead to me, but in the last few days green spikes have been appearing along the branches.


The grey Spanish moss added to their dead look since I’ve been here.  For some reason, I thought cypress were green all year.  Obviously that’s not the case.  You learn something new every day.


I’m anxious for the cypress to fully leaf out and be draped with the Spanish moss.  That’s what my brain thinks of as a quintessential Southern swamp.  Next will be the Prothonotary warblers flitting about.  That should happen in the next couple of weeks.


That’s about all Emma and I accomplished today.  I’m practicing for spending this summer without a volunteer assignment.  Smile  I’m thinking I might be able to get used to just being retired with no agenda.  Time will tell.


Once I came inside this evening, I heard the Eastern towhees begin singing for the first time this spring.  They’ve been all around and using their call notes, but tonight the first male burst into song.  I guess it’s truly spring, and it turns a young man’s fancy.  Smile  I’ll have to keep a sharp eye to see if I can spot a nest or two.  The other day, a female pine warbler came within a couple feet of my foot to pick up some nesting material.  I also found an empty white eggshell along the entrance road.  My guess is that the local woodpeckers now have young to feed.  The biologist thinks it is just a matter of days before the first Mississippi sandhill crane will hatch.  Don’t you just love the rebirth that can be found all around us each year?  It gives one hope for the future. 


                                                       THE END!!  (blue-gray gnatcatcher style)


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I certainly learn something new every time I read your blog, oh Master. No agenda can work really well if you give it a chance.

  2. holy grasshopper!!..that is one big honking grasshopper!!

  3. No agenda ... I find that hard to imagine.

  4. Love the grasshopper guy! Looks like he is watching you watch him...great pic.

  5. The Bald Cypress are doing the same here Judy, they are very pretty. Great pictures today, especially liked the giant grasshopper.


  6. I also love spring, especially watching the birds prepare for their nesting season.

    We have 5 very pretty little blue eggs in one or our Blue Bird houses. The first of the season.

  7. I had to watch that Kung Fu with my son. He was into karate. I think all the boys were back when that show was popular. Great pictures again today.

  8. Judy and Emma, you always show us such wonderful nature pictures! We have to learn to keep our eyes open and have our camera ready at all times, so we can get similar shots. Once in a while we do, but you are always right there!

  9. I hope your camera lens didn't get a big white glob on it after that last photo!...I gotta tell ya..I hate jumping things, and that includes frogs and grasshoppers.... Do NOT jump out at me!!! Loved your pictures, as always..Things look Springy down your way...which means it will here soon!!!

  10. Master Kan:Quickly as you can, snatch the pebble from my hand.

    [Young Caine tries to do so and fails]

    Master Kan: When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

    Great show. Spring should get here soon.

  11. Hi Judy,
    I've had a very enjoyable morning going back to the beginning of your blog and reading straight through! I have no idea how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did! I think I was somehow led to you by way of "The Ticknor Tribe" A family with 11 kids that RV most of the year.
    I find this way of life soooo interesting!! I guess because I know I could do it myself in a New York minute IF I could convince my dear hubby and IF our daughter would let us take our 5 granchildren with us! haha
    I had a few questions that I hope you won't find too personal. If you do just email me to go jump in a lake! LOL
    1. Do you get lonesome?
    2. Do you get scared?
    3. Do the outrageous gas prices effect your travels?
    4. How do you get to be a volunteer for the parks and do they let you stay free for volunteering?

    Thanks Judy. I hope you won't mind taking me along if only virtually on your amazing adventure.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta, GA

  12. It's great that Mother Nature never gets tired or misses a Spring. The beauty of nature is wonderful and humbling at the same time.

  13. I am feeling old, every time someone mentions some old show or movie, I have seen it when is was new :(

    Great pictures, grass hopper!

  14. The great part of spring, new emergence. Like the world is waking up all over again.
    I love that.

    Great pictures!!!!

  15. I agree, the signs of spring are so refreshing. I was in the back yard doing a little work this evening, and I was delighted to see the little blades of green beginning to show through the dry brown clumps of grass. I have noticed a for a few days now that the deciduous trees are all green now, more than a hint, but not fully leaved. I put my hummingbird feeders out, although I haven't seen the little ones, yet. but today a friend told me he saw some hummers near his place! Hurray!

  16. This is my favorite season. All my bushes and trees are blooming and it really helps to see the color through the gray. You, on the other hand, don't appear to be having that problem because your pictures are bright.