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Friday, September 10, 2010

Peter French’s Round Barn

Emma and I headed out this morning to do some exploring.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, so we just got in the car and started driving. 
_MG_5048 _MG_5053
We headed down to the Narrows first, and watched a little pelican ballet session.  Nothing new and exciting there, so I turned the car around and headed for the Round Barn Visitor’s Center about 35 miles away.
IMG_5062 IMG_5077
I think you can click on these to make them larger and readable.  Suffice it to say that Peter French, was an early cattle king in this area of Oregon, and he built an unusual barn.
IMG_5080It’s round.  He used it to break and train horses in the 1880’s.  He secured vast land holdings in the area that included what is now Malheur NWR.  He was quite a legendary figure of the old west, and at times used unscrupulous means to procure more land.
IMG_5067 IMG_5065
IMG_5075Thanks to the Jenkins family, who later owned this property and donated it to the Oregon Historical Society, this unique barn has been preserved.  One of the Jenkins’ descendants built and runs the eclectic Visitor’s Center.  What a character he is!  He is there seven days a week regaling visitors with his opinionated views on the history of the area.  :)  It is a welcome rest stop out in the middle of the high desert of Oregon.  You can even bring your dog inside with you as you peruse his wide variety of items for sale, and the family museum.  It’s a definite thumbs up if you happen to be in this area.
IMG_5079This is the terrain that those early cattlemen dealt with way back when.  It must have been a hard, but rewarding life.  As Emma and I headed back home, I was glad that I had made this little side trip to Peter French’s Round Barn.
_MG_5045                                                                      THE END!! 

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. As always, I love the "the end" picture!

  2. Your posts are always so clever...the "end" indeed! So cute.

    That barn is unusual. Thanks for sharing the info about it.

  3. Peter French sure knew how to color outside the lines, huh!

  4. thanks for the tour..love the barn!!!..what a great feat of engineering!

  5. What a beautiful barn. Loved the Duck butt!

  6. Love the barn a lot of work went in to building it.

  7. Interesting barn - nice shot of the ceiling from the inside!

  8. Very cool round barn. They have a few in Wisconsin too. Duck Butt....hmmm...He just mooned you!