Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy bats and birds, Batman!

Today was my first official day “at work.”  The first two hours were an orientation with the volunteer coordinator, and the rest of the day was running the Visitor’s Center.  The electronic people counter on the entrance door counted 22 visitors today, but I happen to know that only 7 people came into the visitor’s center today.  I’m on duty again tomorrow, so I’ll bring my camera to get some pics to show you.  I sure hope visitation increases, because 7 visitors makes for a very long day! 

I was back at the rig shortly after 4:00, and after a walk, Emma and I sat outside to enjoy the sunny weather.  It seems she is in one of her shedding modes, so I opened up one of the basement storage doors to get out the furminator.  As I was brushing her, she kept trying to get over to the open basement door.
_MG_4601I checked to see what she was so interested in and found a bat hiding in the corner!  Egad!   I’ve had mud wasps sneak in the tiny border around the basement door, but never a bat!
_MG_4590I couldn’t figure out if it was trapped in there or just reluctant to come out into the bright sunshine.  I put Emma back inside, and asked my new neighbors if they knew anything about bats.  They didn’t, but they came over to see it.  Eventually, the bat got nervous enough to leave, and took off.  What next?  I know this is a wildlife refuge, but really!  I guess, just like mice, they can sneak into very small openings.  That gopher snake I saw the other day was also in back of the rigs tonight.

After that bit of excitement, I brought Emma back outside, and after refilling my hummingbird feeder, sat down to enjoy all the hummers buzzing around.
51 Malheur NWR, OregonMerikay asked if I would ever let you know if I got that quintessential hummingbird picture, and I have to say that I probably won’t.  That would mean that quest would be over, and I think there’s always a better picture on the horizon.  :)

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Just wait until I get into some sunshine! I won't ever be able to match your pictures though, because of my camera and my impatience.

  2. I have head of bats in the belfry, but this is a new first. Lets hope the local snake is not next.

  3. Holy Bats Bateman is right that would have scared me to death, glad he decided to leave.

    Your pictures of the hummers today are amazing, I think you have mastered the setting on your new camera! Wish I could figure it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yep great hummer pictures, I have yet to take the ultimate train picture, like you it would ruin a great quest, so the quest goes on, it rained all day yesterday so i didn't see the hummer at our feeder, I will watch today, I read up on manually focusing my Canon,so I will try that along with the tripod today. Do you use manual or auto focus on your Canon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Your bat has got to be the first one for RV travelers, Judy! Very cute and it was nice and dark in there! But I'm glad it left on its own!

    Awesome collage of the hummers!
    Are the ones with the copper sides Allen's or female Rufous?
    Thanks for the "hummer fix", it's been a while since we have seen one up here in the northeast!

  6. Great hummer pictures again. Do you think the snake was after the bat?

  7. Wow, those wildlife refuges sure are interesting in regard to animals. When we were at Hagerman NWR there were Copperheads everywhere. I didn't feel comfortable taking the dogs outside for a walk. We counted 4 in one day and a dead rattlesnake up on the road.

    Glad you little bat decided to leave and find another "home."

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  8. Great hummer pics. That's the first time I've ever heard of a bat in an RV - weird.

  9. good job batgirl!!..or is it bird lady??..nice post once again..

  10. How unusual to have a bat in the Rv. We had one in our pool that hubby had to rescue. That was sure a surprise.

    Love the hummer pictures again.

  11. Our house has bats! Actually I don't mind them all that much since they fly in the early evening and eat lots of insects. We don't have a lot of bats. Maybe two. I know where they roost because I see the droppings. One is high on the front of the house and I sweep up the guano once in awhile, and the other is in the garage. I put a box with a plastic bag draped over it and it catches any droppings. It looks like mouse droppings, but you know it is a bat because sometimes some will get on the wall.

    Many people around here have bat houses up around their properties.

    Do you think the bat was local, or if he came from one of your previous locations?

  12. Wow, and I was scared chasing a squirrel the other day! No sure what the heck I would do with a bat!
    oh my
    great hummer pics!!