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Friday, July 31, 2009

A possible change in plans

Not much has been going on the last two days, but I was preparing to take a trip on Monday to meet my sister and brother-in-law in Hannibal for a few days. I couldn't read my email last night due to the amplifier problem, so I gave Pam a call. It turns out that Stanley is having some medical problems and they may not be able to make the trip as planned. Depending on the outcome of a doctor's appointment today, the trip will be either delayed for a week, or go as scheduled, or be cancelled. I am waiting for a call this evening to determine which option it will be.

Yesterday, I made an appointment at an auto shop in Sumner to get the oil changed on the motorhome. I planned to stop there first thing in the morning on Monday to have that done on my way out to Hannibal. I will need to buy the needed oil and filter and bring them with me when I go. After the news last night, I may have to cancel that appointment. If the trip is delayed, I'll just reschedule for the following Monday. If the trip with my sister is cancelled, I'll probably just go myself the following week and do the oil change then. I really don't want to pack everything up and unhook just to do the oil thing. The biggest pain, of course, is taking down the sun visors on the front of the rig and getting them put back up. I've explained my challenges with them in the past. I don't mind doing it if I'm actually going to go somewhere for a few days, but it's a hassle for just an hour's trip.

A couple of weeks ago, the YCC kids blocked in the area of my hookups and filled the area with stones. It was sure an improvement over the mud and grass. Well, yesterday, they removed all the stones and rebuilt the border so cement could be poured today. I thought it odd that they went to the trouble of the stones, and then tore it all out. Come to find out, the refuge needed some cement in other areas and the minimum that could be ordered was three yards worth. I'm not sure how you measure a yard of cement, but in order to get what they needed, the two volunteer sites received paving of the hookup areas. I hope they don't ever have to get at the water pipe, or electrical connection, or sewer connection in the future. That would mean busting up all the cement. Oh well, it was interesting to watch the process this morning. My utilities were only cut off for about two hours, and the weather cooperated by keeping the temps down until they were done.

It's back to ten hours in the visitor's center tomorrow. I sure hope someone stops in. I do have two movies from Netflix just in case, though. :)

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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