Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, July 17, 2009

Best weather since I've been here!

I woke up to sunny skies and temps in the 50's this morning with low humidity! What a marvelous, beautiful day it has been. Sunny skies, a nice breeze, and no need for air conditioning. In the six weeks I've been at Swan Lake, this has been the tops in the weather department.

Emma and I took a long hike this morning and I wasn't wilted by the time we returned. I took a quick trip to Brookfield this morning to get some more nijer seed for the finches, and found an outdoor tent selling produce. I bought some new potatoes, one ear of corn, and a couple of tomatoes. I sure hope the tomatoes aren't hothouse. I didn't want to get too carried away since I will be leaving on Monday for a four day trip to visit at my daughter's house in Dyer, Indiana. (I guess I'm not really visiting her house, but it will be nice to take a shower and not worry about conserving water!) I've calculated it to be about 420 miles to her house. A long drive, but much easier since I'll be taking the car rather than the motorhome.

Time to get back outside and enjoy this unseasonable weather.

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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