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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I didn't win!

I thought sure I was going to win the final prize of a 35 day trip to the Canadian Maritimes, but alas, it was not to be so. :( The closing ceremonies took place this afternoon at the 49th Escapade. It was the first day since Sunday that I was able to ride my bicycle to the activities today. That's not to say that it was sunny, but at least it wasn't pouring down rain.

Yesterday morning, I hopped on a shuttle to the vendors' area. I had a few items in mind that I was interested in. Upon approaching the first booth, the vendor asked me where my ID tag was. Sure enough, I had left it on the counter in the rig. That meant I had to find another shuttle back to the campground and then finally hitch another ride back. That accomplished, I proceeded to find those items that I felt would enhance my existence. One item I was interested in was a cap for my holding tank vent on the roof. Whenever I turn on the fan in the bathroom while showering to suck out the moisture, it seems that sewer gas fumes somehow get sucked into the rig. I thought this new vent cover might help eliminate that, but wasn't sure I wanted to install it. The saleslady said not to worry, she knew someone that was doing installations. I bought the vent and signed up to have it installed. It only took the guy ten minutes, but he had all the proper tools and knew what he was doing. It was worth the price to me.

I also purchased a new sewer hose to replace the one that was shredded in the hail storm and found a few other goodies that should make my life a little easier. I'll try a few of these items out when I arrive at Swan Lake and let you know how they work out.

By that time, I got a call from Steve at Workamper News and he had the camera set up and was ready to interview me out at the gazebo. We squeezed the interview in between showers and I think it went well. I mostly talked about the volunteer positions I've been in since I've been on the road. At some point it will appear on a new site at the Workamper News Website.

In the afternoon, I went to the Craft Show and Sell and found two beaded bracelets that will now enhance my wardrobe. ;) In the evening, I hiked over to the Ham-O-Rama which is entertainment provided by Escapees members. It was a great night with a wide variety of talent showcased. There were some great singers, some not so great singers, story tellers, and comedians. All in all, a very enjoyable time.

This morning, I went to two seminars. One was for women only and the other was geared for solo travelers. The second one was really about loneliness on the road. I can honestly say that though I travel alone, I've really not felt lonely. This afternoon was the closing ceremonies and the awarding of the grand prize.

I've started to pack things up and managed, with another solo lady's help, to get the bicycle back on the rack. I dumped the tanks, packed up the outside rocker, and began the inside ritual. I also called my Emergency Road Service to be sure I'll be able to get a tow truck to pull me out of the mud tomorrow if needed. So far, everyone who has left has had to be pulled out. The clouds have finally broken this evening, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to just drive out carefully without becoming mired in the muck. That may be wishful thinking.

There have been three big tow trucks circling the campground like vultures for the last few days. I'm sure this Escapade mud mess will make their income soar for the year. Can you imagine what pulling out 750 rigs from the mud will do for them??? Talk about economic stimulous!

My plan is to attend the hitch-up breakfast tomorrow morning and take my time getting ready to head out. Maybe some of the moisture will evaporate by then. If not, I'll wait for a tow. I only have about 70 miles to drive to Swan Lake, so I'm not in a big rush. I've heard internet reception with an air card is almost nonexistant there, so I'm not sure when I'll post again. Maybe Sprint will come through for me once more....

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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