Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, May 21, 2009

From famine to feast...

I was wishing in the last post that I could some how get a taste of the abundant rainbow trout at this park. I was hoping to maybe get one fish. Well, let me tell you that I ended up with three beautiful fish. I spoke to the fisherman next door and asked if it might be possible for me to buy a fish from someone. He said that fishermen weren't allowed to do that. Okay, so a rig pulled in across the road from me and appeared to be struggling with putting out their awning. I walked over to offer my assistance and they immediately asked when I was leaving. Turns out that I am in the only row that doesn't require a reservation and they were hoping I would leave by Friday morning so they could get my site. Otherwise, they would have to leave. I told them sorry, I wasn't leaving until Saturday. The guy then offered me $20 if I could find them a site. I told them I didn't want any money, but would like to try a rainbow trout to eat. It turns out I knew the folks next door were leaving today. So, I told them to pack up this morning and wait behind the site next door to me and drive into it when they left. Needless to say, the first fish they caught was delivered to me. ;)

Then, last night the folks next door wanted me to be happy with my visit to Missouri and dropped off two very nice trout for me to try. I was happily surprised. I gave them one of my diamond willow walking sticks in thanks. So now I had three trout to try three different ways. Tonight, I tried filleting one of them (I'm definitely out of practice), dredged it in some fish breading I had and panned fried it. It was delicious, despite the bones I had to pluck out.

I popped the other two fish into the freezer for now. I'll enjoy them later.

I made a trip into town today to get a hair cut and do a little grocery shopping. The weather continues to be outstanding and Emma and I enjoyed watching everyone fishing in the stream this evening. The first night I was here, I took Emma out for a walk around 8:15 in the evening and was shocked to hear the air-raid sirens go off. I immediately looked up in the sky to see if a possible tornado was coming. The next day, I was again walking Emma at 6:30 in the morning and the sirens went off again. I finally figured it out. The sirens go off twice a day to signal the beginning and end of trout fishing for the day. I never heard of that before....

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later, Judy

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