Borrego Springs, CA

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Interesting turn of events

After the Poker Air Gun Shoot on Thursday, I was more interested than ever in purchasing an air rifle so I could enjoy this sport.  Mike had called to let me know that a Gammo Whisper rifle was on sale at the Big …(something) Store in Temecula.  I thought I knew exactly what store he was talking about and set out Saturday morning for town.  I planned to stop at the Farmer’s Market first, but that turned out to be a bust.

It’s in Old Town Temecula, and there was absolutely no parking within blocks of the market.  Since I can’t walk very far any more, I had to pass.  Perhaps if I got there when they first open, I’d have better luck.

So, I made my way back to the Big Horse Feed Store and Mercantile right on HW 79.  Seemed like a likely place that would sell guns.  It was a very interesting store; full of cowboy boots, saddles, and all manner of things you might need for riding a horse.  However, they didn’t sell guns.  Luckily one of the staff straightened me out and said I should go to the Big Five store across the highway.

This brought to mind one of my pet peeves about shopping in Temecula.  HW 79 is a six lane road with a 55mph posted speed limit.  Of course, I have found that California drivers take that to mean that 55 is the slowest you should drive.  Couple that with the fact that almost all the businesses are so far back off of the highway that you can’t see the store fronts, and it’s no wonder I had never heard of Big Five.

Anyway, after dealing with a very inept young sales person, I was finally able to purchase the Gamo Raptor rifle thanks to help from the store manager.  (Being a bird lady, I thought Raptor was a good omen.)  To answer some questions; a background check or special license is not necessary for purchasing an air rifle.  All you need is money.

When I got home, Mike called to ask if I’d bought a rifle, and I said yes.  He told me to keep it in the box for now, and we would meet today as he had come up with an idea of something I might like better.  Oh great!  The hardest thing for most women about using these rifles is to ‘break’ the barrel so you can insert a pellet.  The rifle Mike and Terry showed me today was not only lighter in weight, but it used a CO2 cartridge that meant you didn’t have to muscle the barrel in half.  I gave it a try, but decided to stick with what I had purchased.

The kick on the Gamo is a lot more than the CO2 gun, but I can shoot a greater distance with the Gamo.  Those far out targets are what I find most fun, so much to the guys’ surprise, I chose the harder to use rifle.  They helped me assemble (meaning they did it) and install the scope.  Then Terry took the time to adjust/tune the scope.  I’ll tell you, without these two fellas to lead me along, I doubt I’d have done this on my own.


Then it was finally time for me to take aim at the target.  I nearly fainted when my first shot was in the red section at 10 meters.  I’m all set to go now, and can practice on the range any time I want to.  I’m thinking I’m going to do better at the next Poker Shoot.


In the mean time, I’ve started working on this week’s challenge for the Photo Bug group.  I don’t have a macro lens, so I’m working on close ups.  This is one of the roses I got at the Poker Shoot.


I got this blood orange from Carol, the hair cut lady.  I’ve never tried a blood orange before, and I told her I felt like I was on the Food Channel.  Winking smile  There must be about a hundred of these tasty beauties on her tree.  They sure are hard to peel, though.

Tomorrow I’m off on another little excursion for an idea I have for other close ups.  We’ll see how that turns out.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. From the looks of that target, your gun choice was a good one for you. Nice close ups, Judy! I am planning to shop in Temecula, having heard there are a couple of killer good quilt shops there. Hmmm. Not looking forward to trying to find them after your description.

  2. I have not had an air rifle for years they can be a lot of fun.
    Always something for you to do there.

  3. I'm thinking you're just not going to do better, you're going to "ace" that poker shoot! Now you just have to get the right card combination ;-)

  4. This was an engaging post for me. First I was interested in your new hobby. Second, I hope you'll go ahead and get one of those little scooters, think you may eligible for one on your insurance. Then you can add the hauler to the back of your car and go where you want. And your pictures are lovely, but you may want to buy the tubes to make your lens behave like a macro. And I have the top Canon macro lens still left to sell after I sold all my heavy equipment. I could never afford the telephoto lens I wanted but really miss getting to use this one. Currently a photographer is thinking about buying it, but, if you are interested, I'll let you know - and give you a sister-in-law price. I love getting to see the tiny details of flowers and bugs emerge when getting macro pictures.

    1. I might be interested in buying your Canon Macro lens, if Judy isn't. I used to use extension tubes on my underwater camera, and loved them, but don't really know what to use on a land camera.

  5. Sounds like you are finding plenty of things to keep you busy in your new winter home. Full retirement seems to suit you as well as volunteering.

  6. It sounds like you made a great choice with your air rifle. You said the Gamo is not a CO2 rifle, so what propels the ammo? You did some great shooting at that distance!

    Love the blood orange photo. I like to use my oranges for juicing. You might look for a nice juicer (the old style). Nothing quite like fresh squeezed juice.

  7. Good job on the close-up photos as well as the target shooting.

  8. I have always like air guns over firearms for fun. I also prefer the break action rifle like you purchased. There is maintenance on the plunger seal required to keep the power up to its design level. Have fun with the toys.

  9. We love to eat blood oranges. They are delicious.

    Are you now going by Judy Okie? Lol

  10. That should read..Judy Oakley. Dang fingers.

  11. I chuckled at your comment about the 55 mph speed limit. Here it Texas it seems the posted speed limits are only suggestions.

  12. Now that you own an air rifle and are very proficient with it, I'll be doubly nice to you the next time we cross paths... :c)

  13. Hi Judy, I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years - You have taught me so much about volunteering and your love for the National Wildlife Refuges - your stories, work assignments, and travel - but my new favorite is hearing about life at Jojoba - it is fascinating to me ! Whenever you feel like blogging - PLEASE do so - it makes my morning coffee taste so much sweeter ! - Cindy

  14. We had a macro lense at one time and it was one of the few tools I really had fun with. Blood Oranges are yummy!

  15. You will end up a winner at the next Poker Shoot for sure! Practice! Those Blood Oranges look good! Fresh off the tree oranges of any kind sound good to me. -32 and -28 have been our last two nights temps...enjoy the sun! :)

  16. Pretty soon you will have to sneak away from everyone and all the activities to get any rest! I'm glad you're having fun.

  17. Practice Practice Practice, makes for a good shot. Don't show up the guys till the real money comes out. LOL. Remember the story about the "Red Rider BB Gun". Well before you know it you will be shooting the eyes out of a ---- not sure what. Great story, can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

  18. I have a Gamo "Bone Collector" that has super power and range, but indeed it is a hard barrel break for loading. It would be not good in a rapid fire contest:)

  19. Wow! You are getting involved in a lot of interesting things. I'd be willing to try shooting...never shot anything before, don't own any gun..but I'd be interesting in just trying it. And I love the close up of the rose and wonder what your idea is for another shot...(photo shot...) Can't wait to see!

  20. Your close ups are fantastic. The rose is so crisp.
    Your shooting with the air rifle is really good, I doubt I would even hit the paper target. sounds like your really enjoying this RV Park

  21. Everything is "big" in Temecula :). That is some good shooting with both the air rifle and the camera.

  22. Congratulations on your gun purchase Judy. You will have great fun with it I'm sure. Have fun and be safe.

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