Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I took the last two days off from volunteering to take care of those ordinary chores like laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping.  The weather was also blotto, but that doesn’t mean that things were entirely boring to me.  I actually got a hair cut today.  You ladies know that can provide good or bad surprises.  As I looked at my hair clippings on the floor, it reminded me of something my friend, Barb, told me.  She told me some people refer to folks of our coloring as Q-tips.  Guess I’m a little whiter on top than I thought.

_MG_4845For you folks that wondered what it was they were planting with the leaf blower in the field next to my rig last week, here’s the answer.  After my day of experience of seed sorting, I’m guessing there is a lot of little blue stem grass seeds out there.  Of course I don’t know how many will sprout with all the white-crowned sparrows and other little birds that have moved in to take advantage of the bounty.  Smile

_MG_4853 IMG_4856

With crummy foggy weather, there’s not much to photograph but my traveling companion.  It’s not easy to get Emma to cooperate for that.

I have toast in the morning quite a few times each week, and I noticed recently that every time I made toast there was a fishy smell that seemed to fill the rig.  I have one of those long one opening toasters that I keep at the back of my kitchen counter.  I couldn’t understand why that smell since it had been a week since I’d fried some shrimp in the rig.  So, last night I decided it must be time to empty out all the crumbs in the bottom of the toaster.  As I unplugged it and pulled it to me, I shockingly found an unpeeled shrimp in the bottom!  What the hay?  Egad!  It’s no wonder the toast reeked!  That shrimp was fairly mummified.  I must have toasted it about five times.  I still don’t know how it got there.

Fellow volunteer Bob came over this afternoon to check the underside of my rig for openings that mice might be able to access.  My present battle score is:  Mouse 7, Me 20!  I give the mice a point if they lick a trap clean, or set it off without getting caught.  With having disposed of 20 dead or on their way to being dead (don’t ask…it has to do with a new dance I’ve learned Smile with tongue out) mice,  I was of a mind to blow this popsicle stand.  He found one area about the size of his pinky finger that I missed with the steel wool.  So I’ll give it another night or two.


After only a couple hours of partly cloudy skies this afternoon, Emma and I watched the fog roll in across the street.  It was only about 4:30, but in came the fog again.


Emma suddenly went into orbit.  It wasn’t her usual cow or hawk bark, so I jumped out of my chair to see what was disturbing her world.  At the edge of the field next to us was a pack of three stray dogs approaching in the mist.  (hard to see in the descending darkness and fog)  I always feel kind of sorry for stray dogs, but was happy in this case that Emma dissuaded them from approaching.  You just never know.

So I had two days off to do boring chores, but there’s always something interesting to me if I take the time to see it. (or if you somehow mysteriously flip a shrimp into the toaster)

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. For a minute there I thought you were going to say that you found something with "four legs" in that toaster ... glad to read that it was just a shrimp!!!!

  2. 20 mice, Holy Cow!! I bet they were after that shrimp.

  3. That takes shrimping to a new level. Is that 'toaster fielding'?

    Maybe someone will call the local authorities about the stray dogs before they reproduce and become an even bigger pack. Or they are likely to get hurt by being shot at.

    Emma looks so clever. Please give her a hug from me. Misty sends Emma sniffs, too.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  4. I kinda like the pics in the fog...it gives a eerie / good look to the pic. By the way, Emma did good posing for the pic.

  5. Rodents!!! gah!! We had trouble with roof rats a couple summers ago..they got into everything including our bbq, yuck!!! Hubby closed up every nook and cranny we could find and I took down the bird feeders for a couple of weeks and the rats soon went else where.

  6. I'm so glad it was a shrimp. I had visions of a mummified shriveled up mouse.

  7. I'm with Gypsy, I was thinking egads a mouse! A shrimp takes the prize!

  8. Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed your toaster saga. But let me tell you, I would have been out of there after about five mice.

  9. Emma is a fine subject for a photo op!..and even when she doesn't co-operate the pictures are still precious!!

  10. It's ben several years since I had a cat around here and so now I have to cover the mouse patrol. I don't think I've trapped a total of twenty in all of that time. It is odd how they seem to come in groups however. I will trap a mouse every night in the garage for a few days, and then nothing for weeks.

  11. Do you supposed that shrimp may have been the elusive Murphy??


  12. Is that your own version of "Shrimp on the Barbi"?

  13. A mouse must have dragged the shrimp into the toaster...

  14. Murphy the shrimp--yes that must be what it was. Seriously, I've never heard of a shrimp in anyone's toaster. :)

  15. The mice & shrimp battle. When will it end? It appears you have the shrimp battle solved.

    Now the mice - Have you tried using lights? Mice are nocturnal and stay away from light. I use the rope lights (the xmas kind) and place them under the rig. A timer is used to turn them off and on. Haven't had any mice in the rig so far. Knock on wood.

    Since it's xmas season they shouldn't be hard to find. The LED bulbs are more expensive (about twice as much) but last a lot longer than the regular type.

    This method has been used by several rv'ers that I know with excellent results.

    Good luck

  16. There are always some kind of chores to be done.
    I sure hope you can get rid of those nasty mice.
    I hope that is the last entry hole. Those could be the babies of the first mice. Good lord that would be awfull. Good luck.
    Pictures are great.

  17. Hadn't ever heard the Q-tip comment. Love it and your shrimp story. At least it wasn't a fried mouse - YUCK!

    Great pictures of Emma. They look like professional portraits!


  18. I was LOL'ing along until I saw that comment suggesting the mouse carried the shrimp to the toaster. *green*

    Quickly scrolled back up to get the vision of a flipping shrimp back. LOL

    Although we don't have a mouse problem (too many cats), I am filing away that xmas light tip. It may work on the visiting wildlife. =)

  19. We love your blog and your Emma!