Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental soldier?
Do your boobs hang low?

Does anyone else remember that song from Girl Scouts?  Well, as time marches on, some things for women march south, and I was made abundantly aware of that today!  However, you’ll have to read on to near the end of the post to find out how.  :)

My mission for today was to take pictures of Periwinkle snails.  These snails were on my list of photos that Stephanie needs.  I didn’t think it would be too difficult since snails don’t have wings, and historically move at a snail’s pace.  :)  The biggest  challenge is just finding them.  After driving down to the East Bay boat ramp on Galveston Bay, I began my search amongst the reeds at the edge of the water.  The tide was coming in, so I had to be quick about it.
IMG_7942 IMG_7946
After about fifteen minutes, I was able to find several periwinkles.  These snails are smaller than 1/2”, so it’s a challenge to get a good shot.
IMG_7950 IMG_7955
I’m going to post nine of the photos and ask for your input.  Which ones are your favorites?
IMG_7956 _MG_7966
The picture(s) will be used in a display in the new Visitor’s Center when it is completed.
_MG_7969 _MG_7971
You can now click on individual photos for a larger view, if you like.
_MG_7975 I’m not sure if Stephanie just wants a picture of one of these snails, or a shot that also includes it’s habitat.

So, what does photographing Periwinkle snails have to do with your boobs hanging low?  Well…
IMG_8018this gives you an idea of the position I had to be in to take these pics, and wouldn’t you know I leaned a little too far forward and down and ended up coming out of my bra!  Perhaps this is TMI for some folks, but I just had to chuckle because, of course, this was the exact moment that a car drove up and folks got out to ask what I was doing.  :(  Sure glad I had several layers of clothes on.  :)

After the snail caper, I drove some of the other roads of the refuge to see what I could see.  I think I’ll leave my encounter with the fisherman for tomorrow, but I will include…
_MG_8002 _MG_8004
this nice Neotropic cormorant.  If you click on the right hand picture, you’ll see that this fish eating bird has blue eyes.  Who would have guessed?
_MG_8015                              Emma, the super dog, leaves you with this smile tonight!

Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. You crack me up, Judy! I like all of your snail pictures, but my favorite is the last one. Happy new year to you and Emma, the cow dog, and now the bird-rescue dog.

  2. I liked the first and the last pictures.

    You are a good Girl Scout!

  3. I laud and praise you for getting into that position!! Like the one on the reddish rock and the last one too!

  4. I just love a dog's smile.

    I liked the 3rd and 5th photos.

  5. We laughed so hard about your story. Now we don't usually like to give personal advice to people, but may we recommend a longer zoom lens and a tripod may help:)...LOL. Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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  7. Loved 3 and 5 here too!
    Holy hanna I have had that happen to me, just not when anyone was looking!

    Oh my!

    I remember that song too, didn't quite know what it meant until I got a little older...


  8. E-gads, I really need a proof reader sometimes...let me try this again...

    Fascinating creatures and fabulous photos!!! I'm assuming you did not use a macro lens or you'd be on your hands and knees! hehe

    BTW...in case you did not see my response on my blog, my Saw-Whet photos are from today. There have been 3 of them hanging around the sanctuary I frequent, along with a Northern Hawk Owl. 'twas a great day for birds!

  9. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened your blog this evening! Great story though! Very nice picture of Emma too - and, the periwinkles.

  10. OMG!! As soon as I read the first line I was singing like it was yesterday....thanks SO MUCH for a huge laugh!!!

  11. I vote for number 3 but I like the photo of Emma the best!! You are lucky that you still can get sown that low to the ground without keeling right over. Good for you.
    Happy New Year to you.

  12. Love the post. One I can really relate to. I like the third picture the best. But all of them are wonderful.

    Happy New Year to both you and Emma. Great smile.

  13. Nope, can't say I have had this happen to me but if it had I might not have got the snail pics at all. Number 3 Snail works for me. Nice detail & color. Are you holding a big Sirloin Steak in front of Emma:))

  14. And all this time I thought the song said "Do your EARS hang low??".... Man, I was a sheltered child. :-)

    I like 5 & 7, although they are all good...

    I had DSL problems before Christmas, then all the festivities cut into my bloggy world time... Just getting caught up! Hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  15. That was a hilarious situation you got yourself into. My vote is for numbers 7, 8 and 9.

  16. It must be boob day, I was at the doctor today, and laying on by back with mine in my arm pits. My vote is #3....Happy New Year.

  17. smiling right back at ya, Emma!!..what a great shot..as for the snail's photos..I would also go with #3 or #5...so sorry to hear about your 'bra escape'!..at least you had a few layers on!!

  18. Laying on the ground, taking pictures of bugs. The neighbor came running over. Thought I passed out.
    Have a safe and Healthy New Year.

  19. Well, nuts! I might have been able to judge the pictures based on the title, but not sure about the ones posted., The good thing is I laughed a lot. Thanks!

  20. Oh I just love your sense of humor!!!

    I love the last one the most, next is the second one (top row right pix)...

  21. Wow, I'm going to have to google my girl scout leader and tell her she taught me wrong all those years ago... it was "ears" for us Kansas gals that were hangin' low... however I have shared your experience a time or two!! lol

    let's see ~ I vote for #5 and #8

    love the blue eyes!!

    happy Emma!! don't cha just know she's gigglin' bout the boob story!

  22. I vote for 3 and 5, but all are exceptional. What you won't do for a photo. Are sure you weren't just letting the girls out for some fresh air? :)

  23. Now that I've stopped laughing and can type again ... 3,6,8 ... I think they're the crispest and would probably enlarge best.

  24. Thats histerical!

    Oh, and I I think Emma fits right in here sportin those bubba teeth. ;) LOL

    Take care,


  25. Great post. I know just how you feel. 5 & 6 are my favorites.

  26. We can't even pick a best one -- they're all great. We received an e-card a year or so ago that had that song playing! Laughed aloud. Suzy was a Girl Scout briefly, but never had heard the song before, whether boobs or ears.

  27. I like the way the shadow plays on the snail in pic 3..and by the way, I just tuck my "girls" into the wasteband of my jeans....they stay put that way..and Hey, wasn't that song "Do your EARS hang low?"...

  28. #3, #5, and the last one.

    I also remember the song. I guess as girl scouts we didn't know what was to be in the future. We just wished we had them!

  29. #3 and #9 - but Emma is much prettier than the snails. I only made it thru Brownies and we sang "ears". Guess I should have gone on to Girl Scouts to learn the boob song. If you had been too top heavy, you would have fallen over into the water - it could have been worse. What is up with these boobs anyway? When I wanted them when I was younger they weren't around...now they seem to be everywhere, under my arm pits, hanging down, popping out of bras!

  30. I love all your pictures, but as I am an SPCA foster mom, my vote is for Emma.

    The pictures of the snails are all very good, so I wouldn't know which one to choose.

    Jake and Shari of http://jatexas.com/ and http://jatexas.blogspot.com/ are near you at High Island. They love to meet other RVers and are a great couple.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX.

  31. Judy, you gave me a good laugh tonight. I commend you for being able to get into that position. I think I would have probably toppled over and gone head first into the water.

    Happy New Year1

  32. I like number 8 the best. How come I never got to sing about boobs in Girl Scouts?