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Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

What a day this has been!  I'm not sure I can remember everything that happened today, but I'll try.  :)  It started with spending a couple of hours working with a group of home-school kids; teaching them about binoculars,birds, and a birdwatching hike.  The challenge with home-school groups is that they are all ages, so the presentation has to be interesting from the youngest to the oldest.  Keeps you on your toes!

Then it was back to the rig to take Emma out, eat lunch, and head for the Russel tract to show Karen, the local volunteer who is a professional photographer, and Mark, the hummingbird expert from Texas Parks and Wildlife, the hummingbird nest.  As we approached the nest, the skies opened up and the rain began once again.  We didn't stay long since they didn't want their cameras to get too wet, and we wanted the female to return to incubate the eggs.

When I got back to the rig, I had an email from John Tharp, one of the people on yesterday's bird tour.  He had taken my advice to hike the trail at Warbler Vista to view the golden-cheeked warbler after the tour...

and sent me this great photo that he was able to take of a beautiful male.  You can see how they got their name!  (double click on any photo to enlarge)

Next thing you know, I got a phone call from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.  If you remember, I was told last week that there were no openings there for any more volunteers this coming summer.  Well, it turns out they had a cancellation, and were wondering if I was still available for the month of September.  You betcha!  So, I guess I will be going to Oregon after all.  :)  I'm pumped about that.

A little while later, after answering several inquires about the bird tours through emails, John and Lynne came over.  John had purchased the needed clamp for the radiator hose, and wanted to get it fixed while there was a break in the rain.  As he crawled under the motorhome,  Lynne and I visited outside rehashing this year's experiences at Balcones.  While we were talking, I glanced skyward and was surprised....

This is what I saw right above my site!
Hundreds of migrating white pelicans!  They don't make any noise like geese, so you don't know they're coming.

They just kept coming and coming!  I estimated that there were 850 birds in all.  What a great sight.

John was able to get the hose fixed.  I started up the engine and ran it for about twenty minutes, and guess what?  No more leak!  What a relief that is.  I am in your debt, John....thank you!

Just as he finished, some light rain returned, so I headed inside.  I got a Skype call from my son, Andy, in Minnesota, and for the first time (on Skype) was able to see and talk to my two grandsons.  What a way to top off a fantastic day.  My daughter, Robyn, was up in Minnesota for her Army Reserves weekend, and installed it on Andy's computer.  The boys are old enough now to remember and recognize me.  Guess what their first question was....have you got any marshmallows?  I'll be sure to have plenty when I visit next month!

Thanks for stopping by....talk to you later,  Judy

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  1. Will there be a lot of migratory birds passing thru Oregon in September? Or is it to early?

    What will you be doing as a volunteer?