Borrego Springs, CA

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On my trip to get ice today, Emma and I made a little stop along the way.

73 Tamarac NWR, 201335

Do you remember that stop-and-go light monument I spotted in a little country cemetery way back in June?  Well, I’ve been unable to find anything further about it, so we stopped again today.  The homemade light stands next to this monument to Raymond Olk.  Seems he was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War.  Nearby are other Olk graves, but no clues as to the reason for the stop light with the big butterfly on it.  The mystery continues.


Since the wind wasn’t blowing like crazy today, I stopped at a couple of ponds on the way home to see if I could get some nice reflections of the fall colors.


Lots of the trees are now leafless, and the colors are past peak.  It’s still very pretty, and I’m glad I got to enjoy them while they lasted.

A little after 4:00 the refuge manager came up to my rig carrying the new compressor for the refrigerator.  It had just been delivered by UPS.  They always come late in the day here.

I immediately called A & E Factory Service and have an appointment for Friday.  I’ve requested a morning appointment, but they can’t promise anything.  Friday is the next time that both the manager and LE guy will be here.  After that, I’d have to wait until next Tuesday for them to reinstall the fridge.  I’ve got my fingers crossed once again.


I got the levelers lubricated today, and tomorrow I’ll clean the outside windows so I’ll be able to see when I finally pull out.  That’s about all that’s happening in this neck of the woods other than the zillions of bombarding beetles.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Love your reflections... and your reflections... of and about the ponds, leaves and trees. Hope the fridge problems are solved soon.

  2. After not driving the MH for a while it should be an exciting experience. I hope your fridge gets fixed and you are soon on your way, and that the government is ready for you when you arrive!

  3. Those Asian Beatles are a common fall occurrence in Wisconsin too. Right behind them come millions of Box Elder Bugs. Hope your fridge gets fixed on Friday and you can be on your way!

  4. The photo of the tree reflecting in the water is so lovely.

    Wonderful news about the compressor. The repair guy must have taken pity on you and told the company to send it out fast!

  5. I'll trade you beetles for stink bugs! one for one

  6. Praying for a Friday repair so you can get those wheels rolling. Safe Travels

  7. We had stink bugs too when we were in Pennsylvania...WHEW!
    The pictures of the reflections are very pretty!
    Here's for a Friday fridge fix!

  8. So, once your fridge is in and running (and you get Prince Albert out of the can), you can go?

  9. Pretty photo! You got the part!! Yay!! Hope Friday works out for you! :)

  10. What Cemetery is that in? I can probably find out who is the sexton of the cemetery and ask the question:)

  11. That is an interesting cemetery mystery. Visiting old cemeteries is something that we often do. I usually find sites that make me want to know more about someone's history.

  12. Now that was fast delivery. Lets keep up with fast service and getting the fridge in place and you on the road.
    You sure did capture those trees in the water how beautiful

  13. Your fall photos are gorgeous, good luck Friday!!

  14. Fantastic that you've received the part. That's the biggest part of your battle with the fridge, at least until you have to put the fridge back in it's place. Keeping the fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

  15. Hope things go smoothly with the fridge. Where are you off to next?

  16. Fingers crossed for Friday early. I take it that even though everyone had to leave all the gov facilities, you will be able to move to your new spot??

  17. I hope the repair is done quickly and you'll be able to leave.

    When do you plan on leaving?

  18. Hi Judy: Once again great photos. I'm headed to check out the Canon Power Shot right now. Good luck with refer reinstall.

  19. This was the only reference (it's a blog) that I could find with respect to butterfly and stop light

    Traffic Lights (Written by Sarene Cas)
    Love is like a traffic light, there are three colors which becomes a guide for us to know when to stop, to let go, and to take action.
    Loving someone so much doesn’t always mean they’re the right one for us.Loving someone doesnt always lead you to a happy ending… because true love never ends…
    There are times when you would feel the pain brought by your love.It’s painful to think that there are persons who don’t know how to treasure the ones who love them.
    They say…
    It’s better to accept the fact that you are not appreciated than to insist yourself to someone who never sees your worth. ’till you keep on loving that person, the more you’d get hurt.
    You are afraid to accept the reality…that the person you love is blind to see how much you love him/her…
    Loving that person doesn’t really mean that he’s/she’s the one for you…You are afraid to lose the one you love so much…But, is he/she too afraid that he’d/she’d lose you?

    Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be. There are things in the world that are not meant for us. The things that we yearn so much to have… could be the very things that we could never have…
    You need to learn to ‘let go’ so that we can move on and get over the pains of the past. Loving someone…is setting them free… letting them go…Yes… for someone like you who loves…You might say.. ‘Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away..And going away means forgetting…’To let go is not to deny but to accept… The hardest thing to do is letting go…not because you want to…but because you have to…
    There are people who will come in our lives to lift us up from the agonies of the past…Let us not close our heart because we got our hearts broken before..Just remember there is a person who is ready to mend our broken heart and enter our life

    While someone breaks your heart, someone else is waiting to fix it…Proceed with caution. ‘Careful forethought to avoid danger or harm…We were afraid to get hurt…We were afraid to face what could happen…We were afraid to love again…That’s why… the word ‘courage’ became famous…‘Coz that’s what we need to take action…If the traffic light has a yellow light for ‘caution’…It’s the same in loving…if we know that we’d just get hurt and not meant to take the lead…Then..Let’s not wear ourselves out…
    Let’s not force ourselves to fit in, in an elevator that doesn’t have space left..Let’s not force ourselves in…There’s a ladder for us to use, we just don’t want to notice it…
    Let Go…
    Take Action…
    Traffic Light…

    The message was originally in filipino. Not sure why it's in a cemetary though, maybe have to GOOGLE some more! LOL

  20. Good luck with the fridge...Hey, we took those Asian Beetles with us from Illinois all the way to Texas one year...I think they were breeding under the bed, cause we had them for a couple weeks even on the road!

  21. The reflection pictures are just wonderful. Those are my favorite photographs to take and to look at.

  22. Nice Post.Thanks for Sharing this in your Blog