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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicamacomico, and the Bugman cometh

I went off for a drive down the National Seashore today, and ended up in the town of Rodanthe.

_MG_9733 _MG_9734

That’s where the Chicamacomico US Life-Saving Station is.  It is now  an Historic Site and Museum.  It was the first US Life-Saving Station built and manned in North Carolina in 1874.  This is the 1911 Station that was built to replace the much smaller first Station.


I arrived just in time to hear the program about the history of the Service.  He was so enthusiastic that you just couldn’t help being drawn into the tale he was telling. 

69  Pea Island & Alligator River NWRs  20123

The job that these men did from 1874 – 1915 is simply amazing.  They risked their lives to go out in stormy seas to save the crews of ships that were in peril along the coast.  They faced hurricanes, Nor’easters, the dangerous offshore shoals, and even German submarines in WWI to help those sailors in need. 

69  Pea Island & Alligator River NWRs  20122

During the day light hours, four hour shifts were conducted from the tower of the Station to scan the seas.  During the nights, the shore was patrolled by foot.  Each life saver walked a circuit of six miles.


                             I even managed to climb up the ladders to the tower for a look see.

69  Pea Island & Alligator River NWRs  20124The 4000 lb. boat had to be towed down to the oceans edge, and then launched.  Not at all an easy task with seas that could have 30’ waves.  Sometimes they had horses to pull the boat down, but other times the men got into the harnesses and pulled it themselves.


I guess they were all pretty good at tying knots.  In 1915, the US Life-Saving Service merged with the US Revenue Cutter Service to become our present US Coast Guard.  I wonder if Paul and Chuck would have enjoyed this rigorous and dangerous job??  I found this to be a very interesting and educational stop for me, but probably wouldn’t have gotten as much out of it if I hadn’t heard the presentation first.

Now for the Bugman coming.  That’s my nickname for my friend Jack.  The last time we crossed paths was when I was at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR.  Among other things we went looking for long-leafed pine needles for his basket making hobby.  Perhaps some of you remember him.  If not, maybe this will jog your memory. Winking smile


                                                                             THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Oh! And here it was such an educational post and all, right up until that last picture.
    I read somewhere that some Townships (or municipalities or whatever) were taking issue with these appendages being displayed on the hind end of pick-up trucks. A little prudish?
    So you can get a fine for that?

  2. WOW....what an ending picture....you little devil!

  3. My husband, Paul, has said it all! But I will throw in...You Go Girl!

  4. Definitely jogged my memory. Isn't it great when you get a tour guide that really enjoys what they are doing.

  5. We were fascinated by Chicamacomico (say that fast three times, why don'tcha).

  6. Now THAT is certainly something to remember !!!!!

  7. I've been there and done that (30 foot sea thing, something I'll never forget) but I didn't have to drag my boat to the water.

    Your "The End" picture earns a solid 9 for composition and an 11 for scaring the bageebers out of me. :cO

  8. You've now topped all "The End" photos you've ever published!

  9. It really is great when you can hear the presentation before seeing many buildings/houses/stations. It does make it so much more meaningful. GREAT pictures Judy. Love those ones from the top of the lighthouse.

    BUT, I don't know about a 9 for THE END since it is a picture you've used before. It is hard to beat that's for sure. Poor Jack - is he getting tired of your posting it?? Hope he thinks the comments are amusing. :-)

  10. you captured some great photos today Judy!..the ending?..good one!!..hope Jack appreciates it as much as all of us do..thanks for the laugh!

  11. Sounds like an interesting place to visit. Your hip must be feeling a bit better with the new medicine if you managed all those stairs. I was thinking about your friend Paul when we were at Ocklockonee State Park in Florida because they have those long needled pines.

  12. Wow!! You visited the city that Nicholas Sparks wrote a book entitled Nights in Rodanthe. They even made a movie. I love his books - have read them all. Thanks for the live view. Love reading your blogs.

  13. Interesting place, I think we are scheduled to visit there this fall when we are on a caravan. Love the end picture.

  14. The last picture is definitely a 10! You have really started something with your "The End" photos. Others have joined in, but you are still the best!

  15. Very interesting post. Learned something new today :)

  16. What an interesting tour.

    Didn't remember Jack until I saw the picture....now I do. :)

  17. Funny picture, and your post sparked a train of thought about pine needle basket making. Would Jack be interested in contacting me about the baskets? I have a group of people who make baskets and we would love to connect with other basket makers. Elaine