Borrego Springs, CA

Monday, March 12, 2012

Responding to some comments on a rainy day

First of all let me say that the five things I mentioned in my post last night aren’t really must haves for me, but do make my time at an extended stay destination more enjoyable.  As for truly must haves, I’d have to say my laptop, aircard, camera, DISH satellite, and popcorn!  I think hot buttered popcorn is one of the necessities of life.

Several folks asked where I got the pellet pistol, and I must say that I got it from Walmart.  I’m not crazy about shopping there, but sometimes I find it unavoidable.  Since it rained most of the day today, I got a little practice in.


I don’t know for sure if this is one of dudes that I took site on, but I do know that I didn’t have to refill the bird feeder again today.  I haven’t used up the small supply of pellets that came with the gun yet, so no squirrels are wearing bright yellow spots, but one fluffy tailed rodent literally flew off of the feeder.  Sarcastic smile

As for the smiley face on the tree, I hang the four pieces up using itty bitty nails that I place into the outer bark just far enough to secure the features.  I also remove those little nails when I leave.  No trees are harmed in the process.


Like the post title suggests, we had over two inches of rain today, so Emma and I only got to sit outside for a brief time today in between the falling wetness.


Last week when Diana and I went to that cooking class, we chipped in for a new cookbook from this area.  I’ve been reading through it, and found an easy recipe that I thought I’d like to try. 


So our plan for today was for me to make the Shrimp and Egg Salad, and Diana was to make a shrimp cole slaw.  We both made our parts of the meal, but decided to just exchange portions since we couldn’t eat outside.  Of course we both used fresh gulf shrimp.


I’ve never used capers before, so that was something new for me.  I really like egg salad, but never thought of adding shrimp to it.  Thanks to the Good Luck Ducks, I did have one can of beer in the fridge, so I boiled the raw shrimp in it.  I decided to serve it with Italian Bruschetta Toasts with the shrimp slaw, marinated mushrooms, and a couple of grape tomatoes as sides.  It was a very tasty meal on a dreary day.  Being from Texas, John and Diana like their food spicier than I grew up with, and the cole slaw reflected that preference. Disappointed smile  I imagine the egg/shrimp salad was a little bland for their tastes, but I sure enjoyed it.

I hope the sun shines tomorrow for my last day off this week.  I’d still like to get one of the canoes into the bayou…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Oh, Judy, that Egg and Shrimp salad looks delicious. I'm making that just as soon as I can get to the store for capers. I especially like that note on the recipe--Easy!

  2. Looking forward to pictures of the yellow spotted tree rodents! Glad you're getting some practice, sorry it's raining. It's been the same here today. That salad looks yummy! Settle in and have some buttered popcorn tonight, and hope for some sun tomorrow. If not, get out on the bayou anyway, how many chances will you ever get?

  3. I'm fond of egg salad and fond of shrimp, so putting the two together sounds yummy. I also like buttered popcorn even though the non-buttered kind is healthier. Sounds like you have a new hobby with your pellet gun! You could dress up in camouflage and play paintball with the teenagers if you get tired of playing with squirrels! ;)

  4. The egg salad looks fabulous..Caper seem to be really salty to me, so not sure about them...We try to stay half/ass healthy here due to McGyver's diet...Buttered popcorn, popped over the stove in a huge pan, oil, lid..shake it up...fabulous..But now, we get the Healthy MicroWave popcorn, which basically sucks....However, Den's cardio doc would totally approve!

  5. I like capers in salad, and if I had the patience to make it, they go well in a butter sauce for baked or grilled salmon.

  6. Michael would agree with you about the popcorn.

  7. Thanks Judy for the info on the gun and the tree face. Buttered popcorn is a MUST have in life I agree. Although, I've found that with my stove top popper if I pop it in coconut oil I can skip the butter. Wonder if it really is better FOR me that way though that's what "they" say. :-)

  8. After having popcorn and wine for dinner, that shrimp and egg salad looks wonderful! I think I'll just go to bed before I decide to raid the pantry. I know, I know, popcorn and wine just are not good friends....but I was tired and lazy.

  9. With all the traveling you do & the gun you now have I would say you could now get yourself a business card printed....Have Gun Will Travel. Palladin Palladin where do you roam........

  10. Well, that beer sure traveled! By now it must have had a long, gray beard.

    Judging by what you saw us eat in December, you'll never believe that we've gone vegan again. The shrimp salads sure do sound tasty, though.

  11. There are things to be said about squirrels that I unfortunately really cannot put into print. I wouldn't want to be banned. Or have some PETA knobs come after me.
    They are not my favourite creature. This is something which is well known throughout my family, since I've battled against the little buggers for years.
    Of course, my children have been known to torment me with little "Squirrel themed" gifts for Christmas and birthdays, so that's always "fun".
    Mocking me, I tell you!
    As it happens, the elm tree we had in front of our house finally died, so that's one less way for them to get up on to the front of the (cedar covered) house and CHEW ON IT. Arrrgh!
    As to dealing with them? Nothing to add. Gotta watch out for them PETA folks. Good hunting!

  12. That shrimp salad looks good. Might have to give that a try today. Glad you are having some success discouraging the squirrels.

  13. Capers! We eat so many we buy them at Costco! We use them in tuna salad, salmon salad, egg salad... in pasta sauce (with sausage, olives and tomato sauce), in a butter/wine sauce with fish. Yum, yum! You salad looked delicious. Loved the "Easy" notation on the recipe!

  14. Thanks for the Shrimp and Egg Salad recipe. It sounds so good. Next time we run to the store I will pick up some capers. I have never used them and aren't even sure how to buy them, but I will find out. Enjoy your day! ~wheresweaver

  15. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Pasta-Puttanesca-242590

    Try this recipe with the leftover capers. We would starve to death without our pasta puttanesca.
    Thanks Laurie, for mentioning Costco as a source for bulk purchase.
    Now you have me craving shrimp during a "veggie" week...Phfft, and it's just Tuesday ;)

  16. Oh that meal looks yummy! I'd like the spicy slaw too, but you can probably guess why ;-)

    I'll trade my popcorn for that, deal?