Borrego Springs, CA

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A few roads less traveled.

Jack picked me up this morning a little before 9:00, and we were off on another of life’s little adventures.  The plan was to go to the Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, MS.  Since Jack is still looking for more needles for his baskets, we took several roads less traveled through the Desoto National Forest to get to our destination.

IMG_6074Most of them were not paved, but meandered through the forest.  What a glorious morning it was.  We drove slowly, and stopped often.  It appeared that we had the entire forest to ourselves.  We found about four nesting sites for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker that are managed by the forest service, and I fleetingly saw two of these woodpeckers flying through the forest.


At many of our stops, Jack hopped out to measure the length of the pine needles.  These were great old stands of long-leafed pines. 


              While he was busy with the needles, I was checking out this year’s bloom of wild Jasmine.


The bloom has just started.  I really like the heady fragrance of these flowers.  I was also about collecting a few of the very large cones from the long-leafed pines.  Those cones hold a fascination for Emma, and are about the cheapest toy to keep her entertained outside.  She tosses and plays with those things like they were little hedgehogs or something.

As the road got skinnier and skinnier, eventually it petered out, and we had to turn around and plot a new course.  We did run into one rather irate land owner along the way, but we never went on private property.  We made a hasty retreat along that road.  Eventually we made it back to civilization and Jack, the last of the big spenders, took me to a Waffle House for a late lunch. (where he once again accused me of being a cheap date Smile with tongue out)


It was 2:00 by the time we finally made it to the Crosby Arboretum.  This is a wonderful place, but in my opinion, could use some volunteers to develop ways to make their many trails more user friendly. 


There are some gorgeous trails, and beautiful views, but a better trail marking system is needed.  Many trails intersect, and there is not good signage as to which trail goes which way.  We only encountered two other people along the trails.  There are lots of plant identification signs along the way, but I would like to see their descriptions include when the various plants bloom. 

_MG_6078 _MG_6079

When you pay the reasonable entrance fee, you are given a small bag of food for the fish and turtles in the ponds located along the trails.  As we walked to the outside pavilion, we found this terrier very interested in the pond water just beyond his reach.

_MG_6089 _MG_6080

Here’s the reason why.  When you throw the food kernels into the water of the pond, the turtles come on over to get fed.


But before the turtles can get there, many pan fish beat them to it.  That terrier was just mesmerized by all the commotion in the water.  Not much of anything is blooming right now, but I imagine this will be a marvelous arboretum to visit in a few more weeks.

After then checking out the Biloxi Airport to see where I’ll be picking up my daughter and grandgirl next week, we finally made our way home and arrived at the rig around 5:00.  It had been about a 200 mile journey today, but a fun and enjoyable time.  Thanks for the memories, Jack.  After a big hug and mutual wishes for safe travels, Jack was on his way until the next time our paths cross in August…

_MG_6065                                                                               THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy


  1. What an interesting day! I feel sorry for the poor turtles who are beat out by the pan fish. I guess I'm always on the side of the underdog, or in this case, the underturtle.

  2. You always have such fun-filled posts. Is it normal for the Jasmine to bloom in MS in Feb? I'm sure they would appreciate your help at the Crosby Arboretum.

  3. Somebody wouldn't kick in any money for fuel. Had to push the truck down the road.
    Judy, it was great pleasure to be in your company.
    Safe travels until we meet again.

  4. LMAO your to much or should I say your both are. It nice to have fun like that and explore all at the same time.

  5. OMGoodness! I about fell off my chair laughing at that last picture. You and Jack are a pair to draw to. So glad you had such a great visit and so much fun. I bet that jasmine was wonderful to smell. I love it, and also the fragrance of honeysuckle.

  6. A very unexpected 'ending'!! Glad you had such a good time.

  7. A women here in SC was arrested for indecency for having the same kind of "decoration" on her truck. If that is Jack's truck, tell him to remove them if he wants to drive through SC.

  8. love seeing the yellow jasmine as when I worked in the forests in east TX it always let me know spring was just around the corner, now as for the last picture WOW that one had me sacked!!!

  9. Crosby Arboretum is a favorite place of our when we are in the area. I agree that the trails could use better marking. The Pinecote Pavilion is a great structure. Enjoyed your article.

  10. I've never seen wild Jasmine before! Although we used to grow Star Jasmine,
    a totally different looking flower. I bet they smelled wonderful!
    Beautiful forest looking for long pine needles!

  11. Nice 'S' curve in the forest photo....

  12. Thats what happens when you try to push a big truck by your self.

  13. You guys are all too funny! Thanks for the laughs today! :-)

  14. Great post as usual. When we had our pond, all I had to do was rattle the can and all the fish were waiting by the time I got there. The 4 ft grass carp was always last to eat. A 2 inch blue gill was enough to scare him.

  15. Great post as always. Tell Jack to stay out of SC; they have no humor.

  16. Love the turtle pictures. What in the world is he doing in the last picture...LOL ~wheresweaver

  17. You always manage to give me the best chuckle of the day, love that last photo.!

  18. Funny! I am not sure your G rating is going to hold up unless that truck as bad suspension:)