Borrego Springs, CA

Friday, April 29, 2011

Louisiana Byways

There was a knock at the door this morning at 8:30.  They wanted my rig to work on those things on my list other than the new shades.  Okay, time to get everything in order for the rig to move.  I managed to do that in 20 minutes.  Then, Emma and I headed out for a drive in the country.  I figured we be gone for an hour or two, but it turned into a 200 mile drive!


As we headed south, we passed many crawfish fields and rice fields. 


We drove the Creole Nature Trail which is a National Scenic Byway.  Can’t say that anything really impressed me along this route.  I guess I’m spoiled with the Idaho Scenic Byways. 


After about 90 miles or so, we came upon this little gem.  I had never heard of Cameron Prairie NWR, but I’m sure glad I decided to take Pintail Drive. 


Shortly into the wildlife drive, there is a boardwalk trail that goes for about a half mile or so.  What a delightful little trail this turned out to be.

_MG_1250 _MG_1262

This wetland area had abundant wildlife to observe.  Besides the savannah sparrows, there were scads of black-necked stilts working the waters.


The algae made interesting patterns where the wind blew it into the vegetation. 

_MG_1286 _MG_1279

As we continued down the wildlife drive after the hike, I was amazed to see all the birdlife in the wetlands.  This greater yellowlegs was very busy looking for lunch.

_MG_1292 _MG_1297

Of course, birds were not the only things out and about.  I saw quite a few turtles as well.  I think the one on the left is a red-eared slider.


The Eastern kingbirds were out hawking bugs on the wing, and…


I was able to spot this Northern shoveler mom with her three young chicks.  All of these sightings were made within the first mile of the three mile wildlife drive.  I’ll be posting the rest of what I saw probably tomorrow.  I’ll just say it was a great drive. 


A little further down the road, I stopped at the refuge’s visitor’s center and talked to one of the interns about RV volunteers.  They do have them on this refuge, and I now have a contact person to talk to about possibly volunteering here in the future.  With all the birdlife, it seems like it might be a good match for me.  It’s definitely a possibility.  Smile


It was almost 3:00 when we got back to the fix it shop, and there I learned that I certainly did need some new house batteries.  That was not a surprise to me.  While I was gone, they also rotated the tires, and installed a Fantastic Fan in the shower area.  The original fan there was a piece of crap.  Most everything on my list has been taken care of, so now it’s just a matter of waiting for the shades to be built and sent.


Thanks for stopping by…. talk to you later,  Judy


  1. I'm glad you keep finding new places to volunteer. It will give you places to go next year.

  2. Sounds like you have found another great place to volunteer. It's also nice to know you found a great place to do all the repairs on your MH...we are definitely going to keep their name for future reference.

  3. Sounds (and looks) like you had a very productive day! Great photos.

  4. Isn't it fun to stumble on these wonderful places? You just never know what is around the next corner. Glad you're getting all the work done so you can head north without any worries.

  5. Sure looks like the perfect spot for you to volunteer. What a great find.

  6. Great pictures. I saw alot of different birds this week along the Gulf Coast in Florida and Mississippi. I need a bird guide book and a better camera, not too much luck taking pics with a point and shoot camera.

  7. Judy, Bird Lady of Blogland, you did well today! Good exploring of new places, good sighting and pictures of birds, good scouting out new places to volunteer. You more than earned your title today! And all this was accomplished while your motorhome was getting repaired and newly outfitted. We agree with you that Fantastic Fans are the best.

  8. Can't beat those Fantastic Fans, I replaced the cheapo in our bath/shower, and what a difference, just make sure you have it switched to blow out when you use the bathroom, mine is reversible and you don't want the thing ventilating the rest of the coach with bathroom fumes. Don't ask how i know..Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. Love your photos! I'm sure you've talked about this in previous posts, but what kind of camera do you use?

  10. There are so many beautiful places in the US, and I swear, you're finding every one of them!!

  11. I love Carol's new title for you Bird Lady of Blogland, maybe a new title or subtitle for the blog?? Looks like it would be a place you would enjoy.

  12. Beautiful day, Judy, so loved the photos of that hidden NWR gem. Glad to see you and others are safe. I have been away from blogland for more than a week and got SOOOO behind, but was worried about all of you in the southeast.

  13. Enjoyed your pictures, Judy. This is the refuge that we checked out earlier, we also enjoyed it but declined because of the amt of hours required. While visiting there, we saw lots of alligators - of all sizes. I can see where they could use you - maybe guided tours? Also took that drive - that's where we saw all the alligators.