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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little history

In the spring of 218 BC, the great Carthaginian general Hannibal lead his 60,000 man army off of the Iberian Peninsula and over the Alps to Italy.  Meanwhile, Cartagena fell to the Romans.  It remained under Roman control until the early 400s AD when the Germanic tribes took over.  Then, in the early 700s, the Muslims began their rule of Spain for more than seven centuries.  In 1492, Islamic rule in Spain was completely overthrown.  So, you can see that this area has had a very long and tumultuous history. 
IMG_6688While the Romans were in power, they built a Theater.
IMG_6690The Roman Theater was long forgotten and buried under nearly 2,000 years of construction until finally discovered in 1987. 
IMG_6702Cut into the hillside in one of the city’s old neighborhoods, the 6,000 seat theater is undergoing careful archeological excavation.  You can see that it is within walking distance of the port, and was one of the sites we visited on our walking tour yesterday.

Not too far from the theater was the remains of a much more modern structure…the Plaza de Toros.
IMG_6698 This bull ring was built in the 1850s upon the foundation of a Roman gladiatorial arena.  You can only look at it from the outside, but it is still interesting.  Bull fights are a traditional sport in some parts of Spain.  When we were in Barcelona we learned that the Province of Catalonia has voted to outlaw bull fights beginning in 2012.  I’m glad they did.  I think bull fighting is a cruel sport.
IMG_6686The Palacio Consistorial (the old town hall) is near the waterfront, and has recently been restored.  Construction began on this building in 1900.  Notice the wide marble pedestrian avenue that leads past the building.  It is very inviting for visitors and residents alike, to stroll into the city.

Today has been spent entirely on ship coursing through very rough seas.  I’m sure glad I brought some Dramamine along!  :)  Each floor seems like a giant pinball machine with people careening from side to side while trying to walk down the passageways.

Thanks for stopping by….talk to you later,  Judy


  1. Wonderful history and pictures Judy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Incredible! Thanks for sharing a little bit of history with us. The theatre is amazing and I'm so glad they discovered it underneath all that construction and now trying to carefully preserve it.

    It's a gorgeous place, enjoy!


  3. I share your dislike of bullfights, went to one in my life as a young Navy man, even after being hardened by war I thought it was a very bloody and useless killing of a beautiful and powerful beast.Never went another even in our Mexico travels.Spain is a really pretty place with lots of history, and I hope birds too.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Thanks so very much for sharing your trip with all of us. The pictures are absolutely wonderful and the history is great too.

    Travel Safe

  5. another great day for you!!!..enjoy!

  6. I hope the sailing will be smooth once it moved out of that area!

  7. Thanks for making some history ~ not my favorite thing! ~ very interesting!

    And I'm right there with you on the thoughts about those bullfights; or any fighting for that matter!!!

    Here's to smoother sailing.....

  8. Try to keep your balance and stay on your feet! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be tossing around in a big ship. Good post and pictures of Cartagena.

  9. Hope the seas become more calm for you. It is no fun to be in a rocking ship. Is it stormy?

    The pictures are great. Imagine something like that being buried and forgotten.

  10. Thanks for the history summary, I think looking into the past makes the visit more worthwhile.

    Personally, I love rough weather at sea, but I know many do not share my enthusiasm.

  11. What a different kind of history in Europe than here in the US...much older stuff. Den and I would fit right in over there...Hope King Neptune calms those seas down for you...That cannot be very fun!!
    Great pictures..love the architecture!!

  12. Are you going to port where the Titanic launched?